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  • It will actually be my first NGD thread when I do. I just don't like showing off production line guitars that everyone has seen hundreds of times.

    That and I am a shitty photographer. lol
    Don't have them yet, both will be CS ordered. :)

    The 7 will be a Regius Gothic
    6 will be a Regius in Monolith White/Maple Fretboard
    Both will have a set of SD Distortion/Jazz :D
    Also, I saw your 513. Really like the finish on that one.

    I am debating on getting a USA Tremonti after I get the Mayones'.
    It was my PRS. :lol:
    2013 408 10 Top in Makena Blue Had to let it and like 5 other guitars, and 2 amps go to put a down payment on a house. Currently saving for a Custom Mayones Regius 6 and 7. :)

    The PRS was great, but the pickups could not be replaced, and they were pretty dark through all the patches on my POD.

    Got my oooolllld strat, and a Schecter C-7 to hold me over until the next few guitars get built. :D

    @DF: I figured it would be, honestly. When people run out of things to post about dime, I wonder if anyone will stay there? :lol:

    My taste in guitars changed after getting my hands on a EBMM JP6, And the most pointy guitars I like are King V's. That is ultimately the reason I quit posting there.
    Holy shit, Chad. I forgot you posted over here.

    You still over at the Dean boards? Or have all the interesting people abandoned that place?
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