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  • Crap dude, I totally meant to let you know what I thought. Smooth and crunchy. I really dig the tones and you'd never know it was a poverty rig. Power Trip was the favorite on the Bandcamp page. Totally fits your tunes!
    :rofl: Of course, dude! You'd have to go to Pueblo, Denver or Manitou Springs to find a rec. shop, though. :lol:
    Nice! It's funny how you mention my grandma's country, she does in fact listen to a shit ton of old school country, even though she's a New Jersey born Polack. :rofl: Mine went pretty well, I spent Xmas chilling with my family, had good laughs and one of my cousins sent out an excellent craft beer that he got for free from his work. I do miss the late summer-early fall weather, though. -7 degrees without wind chill isn't overly fun. :lol:

    Oh yeah, I moved to Colorado Springs a few years ago. :rofl:
    Pretty good, I've been working on building up my web dev portfolio so I can fund my bad case of GAS. :lol: How have your holidays been?
    In the 'If I were rich...' thread you posted:
    "I'd pay Morgan Freeman to live with me, follow me around and narrate my life as it happens."

    Apparently it's already true!!
    True Facts About Morgan Freeman
    I think your sister is about ready to kill me for trolling her on FB
    Hey, can you comment on your SX bass guitar? I'm looking for an affordable 5 string bass just for recording purposes... I totally forgot that rondo had bass guitars too.. Then I found the SX and I saw you have one...
    I'm OK. No money and basically homeless but I'm feeling decent.

    The bands been recording and that, just waiting for the album artwork and the mastering on the tracks then it'll be ready to release.
    Well its because we already play in drop C. I use 10-52 and I can't solo on thicker strings than that and fo drop B, I'd have to get some. It's just too much hassle for half a step lower but he keeps telling me to do it. I won't though.

    I don't do 7 strings either. I tried to for a while, but I couldn't get along with one.
    I have a 6 string bass :D

    My guitarist wants to tune down to Drop B but I can't see the point really...
    What kind of band would you be looking to get started?

    And yeah, its Beneath the Surface on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    We're recording an EP in December :)
    It's a deathcore vocal thing ;)

    Meh, I'm alright. Work fucking sucks balls but my band is gigging everywhere at the minute so it's OK. Played a huge venue the other day, that was a lot of fun.

    How are things wih you?
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