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  • The nature of the 12 string beast? Fuck yeah XD ahah

    " I believe that if you can run with less than you can soar with more " XD no offense but it's really ironic you as a 12 string bassist saying that. :lol: :lol:
    but I do agree, making the best from a little is a great philosophy.

    Do you use both hands for scale working? or just one at a time?
    makes sense you don;t want your hands to passs out half way through the gig. ahha
    im kinda curious what stretches do you do?

    Btw that link wont work :(
    6 hours a day ? holy shit that's how much I play a day :hbang:! :lol:

    So your 12 string is something you play once or twice a week?
    I couldn't even imagine what that would do to your hands if you played that 6 hours a day.
    but shit dude a 12 string bass could leave anyone's hands in rough shape! ahha
    correct me if I'm wrong but do you warm up for a hour before playing a gig with that bass?
    ( I swear I heard you said that somewhere, maybe in a video... :scratch: )
    Holy shit scott O.O! it sounds like everyone and their mother needs you...Hot damn.
    Counselling kids, helping with hw, bass lesson, Attic shows, barn shows, and you play a 12 string bass on top of all that? God damn you need a fucking award!

    you went two years without playing music? fuck man I can't even last a week without picking up a guitar for atleast 30 minutes. :lol:
    I would agree a 12 string bass is something you can jam at home and with other people. It gives you that full band sound alone, and with other people! what more could you want? :hbang: :lol:
    Sorry to hear about your former band :(
    Any band that majorly dicks Scott Fernandez is no band worth listening to. :noplease:
    you used your personal page for promotion? :eek: shit man does that mean fans IM and ask to hang out ? :lol:

    also you prob get this question a lot, but what made you choose a 12 string bass?
    ANd how do you not get carpal tunnel From playing that beast?!?!??
    I already like your facebook page \m/ ;)

    But I didn't know you had a personal page.
    I saw your 12 string bass Stuff on youtube, then I saw a post of yours on here.
    All I have to say is, Great bass work man \M/
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