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May 5, 2016
May 21, 2010
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Jun 21, 1985 (Age: 36)
Mexico City
not much

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has wood for you, 36, from Mexico City

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May 5, 2016
    1. jack_cat
      Hello Scherzo,
      I am in San Miguel Allende.
      I want some abalone which I could get from LMI or Stew Mac but there is this little problem with shipping. Do you have a supplier in DF?
      I want some random length strips of Paua in the 2.5mm wide range (narrower ok) about 40 centimeters of length, hopefully natural and not abalam, plus some gold abalone dots and/or stars.
      My guy in Paracho offered me plastic imitation concha and said he would work on real concha but there is apparently little to be had there ??

      thanks! happy new year! - jack
    2. skeels
    3. theo
      Thanks a lot! :)
    4. theo
    5. skeels
      Hey Scherz- you'll find more time to build! Look at me- in the winter here, it's freezing cold, so I can't paint, the sun goes down at 4 o'clock, so i set up shop in my attic!
      also, thanks for the maple-collar on the neck idea- i love it- totally stole that from you! Don't know why I haven't seen anyone else do that.. Next one's getting a black walnut collar!
    6. JamesM
      YAY :pickle:
    7. technomancer
      Same as last time? :lol:
    8. JamesM
      Lemme know when you get it. :)
    9. Winspear
      Thanks man!

      That sounds awesome :) What would be your reason for rebuilding it?

      I'm so excited for it - it's actually so soon too haha, already starting to have talks about it and sent over full specs - haven't heard anything back yet.
      I'm thinking ViK Galaxy shape (Les Paul), hollow mahogany body, ziricote top (with soundhole), wenge neck, ebony fretboard. Same scale length as the bottom 8 strings of the Domineer - So pretty much exactly what's in the video I did but a different body design and woods :) Plenty of little details in mind to which will just make this thing incredible.
    10. Winspear
    11. Winspear
      Tuning is AEADGBEA all flat but like I said the high Ab didn't make it :( It wasn't a problem with the steel strings at all. I left the bass E off on the 9er because I didn't think it would be practical with nylons but actually now I've tried a 56 silverwound in A at that long scale I think a 70 something from Labella would actually do low E just fine!
    12. Winspear
      Neat, dude :) I actually strung up the Vik with them so it was 28.6 for the low and 25.3 for the high :) It sounds AWESOME! The set I put together feels great too. Unfortunately the high G# didn't make it past D# on the 24.75 scale, I guess the thin nylons just can't take the tension (it would only have come to 10lbs, too!).
      Rocking a lovely 7 string set though :D
    13. Winspear
      Oh that's cool :) I thought I had to try it in the groove like electric strings are haha! Thanks :)
      I put together a set of nylons to try on this Vik as a prototype for that nylon idea, checking out tensions and things :)
    14. Winspear
      Hey man - how do you go about tying ballends to nylon strings? I wanted to try that today but thought I'd ask you first because I don't want to fuck something up :)
    15. Mr Wright
      Mr Wright
      Forgive me if you answered this elsewhere and I missed it ,but where do you get the aluminum profiles you use to make your super rig?

      I think that setup is genius and want to try something like it, but all I can find are wholesale sales of (very expensive) extruded profiles.

      Also I joined the forums after reading and admiring your build threads. Your work is inspiring.
    16. chrisxrome
      Your guitar builds are amazing, awesome stuff man. You've inspired me to try it for myself!
    17. technomancer
      You want a week? :lol:
    18. JosephAOI
      Thanks for the recommendation!
      So really, any wood can have that lighter part since it's part of every tree?
    19. JosephAOI
      Hey scherzo! I was hoping you could help me find out the name of a certain wood. I'm not sure how to describe it other than it looks similar to rosewood but has lighter, maple like parts on it. The only guitar I know as an example is Chris Letchford's flamed maple sunburst 8 string Sherman. Hope you can help!
    20. Empryrean
      Aw, I was trying to be cool and seem like I had known your name. :(
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    Jun 21, 1985 (Age: 36)
    Mexico City
    not much
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