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  • thanks man. liked it pretty well when I checked it out at GC. searched around online for a little bit & actually found a used one - which saved me a little bit of money. the amp actually just got delivered a little bit ago & is waiting for me at home. this work day better move quick!
    well, I got the PQ4 sounding better - thanks to you! I did however decide to start over with my amp setup. I realized a 300W head and a 4x12 was a bit excessive for home playing. I also wanted to change directions and get a tube amp. I have a 6505+ 112 combo being delivered today. Happy NAD to me!
    I'm sure you'll be ecstatic when it arrives. Dan is my favourite builder by far :metal:
    Hey good to hear from you Chris.
    I'm super busy prototyping my multi-channel pickup system, teaching & playing.
    How's your Oni coming?
    Hey, I hear you know a lot about the deftones

    do you know any specific songs where they use the 8 string?
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