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  • Haha screw you :lol: I'll have you know I start uni next month, I've been in Bristol filming Red Seas Fire and friday I'm filming a music video. I'm starting to do some of this life bollocks haha.
    Hey Dave,
    I missed your thread a couple days ago...
    But congrats on the new job dude! Seems like things are really looking up for you!
    I played Conquer All, I hadn't realized that it was perfect for a seven:)

    Great that he's getting better too
    Man, I saw your new avatar, and was like: Rutan? A member here?

    Then I saw it was the second best thing, our own Scar:)

    If that was on page 2 I think it would have maybe 5 or 6...

    As they say...location, location, location!
    Your latest posrep is so mysterious. Jk I'm just senile and tried writing a message but ended up pressing enter after the first letter.
    Haha I feel you dude. Where's your mom at? I'm visiting my girlfriend's family for the first time this weekend so that should be pretty fun as long as I keep my nerves down haha. Viatrophy is awesome yo. I would definitely love to hear some new stuff from them...they have a very unique sound.
    That's cool yo. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you haha...I rarely have time to post here lately, which stinks. My computer got a virus and then apparently the hard drive was like "kthxbi" and shit on itself. Flipping technology these days. You excited for Easter? Haha cause you know everyone parties like fuck during Easter.
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