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Oct 9, 2016
May 29, 2007
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Bristol, UK
I play guitar

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Scar Symmetry

Ex Whiny Bitch, from Bristol, UK

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Oct 9, 2016
    1. Randy
      No problemo, man. Best of luck. :metal:
    2. Randy
      Oh sweet! Clips when you get around to it. :yesway:

      Not 100% on if you were dating somebody when I spoke to you last but congrats on things with her. Sounds like they're going well. :wub:
    3. Randy
      Oooh, any spoilers on what kinda influences you've been taking in your new stuff? I'm intrigued.

      Unfortunately we didn't end up winning but we did rank in the top 5, which was a feat in it's own considering there were over 100 bands trying to get in.
    4. Randy

      Thanks, man. I appreciate you saying that. While handling reported posts, etc. is enough of a job in it's own, we're trying hard to work on the attitude around here. There was way too much "Meh. I hate everything" going on all over the place, it was giving us a bad reputation and I don't want us to be that place.

      It'll take some time but we'll get there. :yesway:

      How're things going on your own now? Sorry if I missed any updates but did you find a new gig or are you just working on stuff solo still?
    5. s_k_mullins
      Excellent avatar!
    6. vampiregenocide
      Haha sweet :P Yeah much better, I mean there are little niggles here and there but the overall game is just epic. Bt the way, theres an achievement for getting 1,000,000 points in firefight and someones made a gametype to do it in 10 minutes. I'll send it to you when I do it.
    7. vampiregenocide
      You have fine taste sir. :wub: I used to have turqoise as my primary, olive as second, but I mix it up now. How you liking the game?
    8. Leuchty
      :lol: I was reading through some of your threads and realised that you're a fucking legend. Didn't even realise you got an MH417.

      Love your work :wub:
    9. Leuchty
      You Fucking Legend...hahaha
    10. CrushingAnvil
      You're about to hit yellow or some shiet yer bag of aids. I just hit green, proud o' me? :wub:
    11. OrsusMetal
      Sweet. Thanks dude. One last question. Double/quad tracked with the same settings? Do you just copy the sound file and paste it on a new track or do you re-record the part if you are double tracking?
    12. OrsusMetal
      Your Horizon has EMGs, right? I'm using EMGs in mine. I'm still trying to figure out what might be causing that sharp, fizzy sound. Although, I haven't gotten to try your settings yet, but I will later today when I get the chance.
    13. OrsusMetal
      Thanks a bunch, dude. :metal:
    14. OrsusMetal
      Would you possibly be able to tell me the settings you use for the Solo C plugin? I'd appreciate it. Anytime I try to use those plugins, they sound super fizzy like the presence has been cranked all the way and doubled. I don't know if I'm supposed to have the input down farther and so on. Those plugins baffle me for some reason. :lol: Although it could just be that my guitar isn't sending the best signal. I have no clue.
    15. st2012
      I applaud your lack of self control sir. :lol:
      For real though, sounds killer, keep it up.
    16. st2012
      So, these traces demo's...Can I has??
      Just kidding dude, hope everythings moving along well with the group. :shred:
    17. liamh
      How hot is Keeley?
    18. Anthony
      Hey do you listen to Lady Gaga?
    19. Disturbed-Si
      * I used to get feedback with my old S Series*
    20. Disturbed-Si
      Yo dude, this is Bytrix's brother, the guy who baught your white ibanez off you, I dunno if he told you but he baught it for me and he is having my old S Series which I had and it's the best choice I've ever made for a guitar, the neck is so smooth and I don't care about the dinks in the body or on the headstock because the sound is awesome and I don't get any feedback when I crank my Line 6 up and I used to with my old S Series 7 and that has EMGs in it. I just wanted you message you to say thanks :) it's a really really nice guitar and I will be holding onto it for as long as I possibly can! :D
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    Home Page:
    Bristol, UK
    I play guitar
    Primary Seven:
    ESP LTD MH-417
    Main Rig:
    6505+>Marshall 1960
    Real Name:
    The Purge
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    ESP LTD MH-417
    Other Guitars:
    ESP LTD MH-1000
    Effects & Pedals:
    Maxon OD-808, Boss NS-2, Boss TU-2, Boss DD-3
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Marshall 1960A
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Tascam Interface, Cubase 5, Adam A3X Monitors, Superior Drummer 2.0, Joe Baressi Evil Drums, BBE Sonic Sweet, KResearch Plugins, Nick Crowe 8505, LePou Lecto, LeCab 2.0, Recabinet 2.0
    We should all pray to Steve Vai because he created the Universe.

    Shredding + Beer


    What happened to Jeff? Funny how he dropped off the radar now that the entire Western world disagrees with his right wing bullshit.