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Oct 9, 2016
May 29, 2007
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Bristol, UK
I play guitar

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Scar Symmetry

Ex Whiny Bitch, from Bristol, UK

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Oct 9, 2016
    1. Randy
      Wait, you mean it doesn't say that? Thanks for the heads up... I'll go fix that.
    2. failshredder
      Congratulations, thanks to you I'm now listening to Scar Symmetry. :rofl:
    3. Randy
    4. Randy
      See if it pops up like this: "conversation between Scar Symmetry" - Google Search

      EDIT: I know it's limited but I'm not sure, otherwise. Worth a shot.
    5. failshredder
      Hey, dude, I thought I'd bring my response over here because our little back-and-forth was the only thing that interested me about the thread. So, to your post: I'm not saying that music can't be about making you feel, just that it wasn't originally, depending on whom you ask. Neither was I saying that one of my favorite composers (Shostakovich) was emotionally bland (nothing could be further from the truth). The only point I was trying to make (or at least that I'm trying to make now) is about the "purpose" of music, which is separate from whether it should or can make you feel. :)
    6. McKay
      dude what are you doing musically these days?
    7. Randy
    8. -One-
      Well hey, keep me posted on that man, it sounds awesome.
    9. -One-
      Sounds worth the drive to me :lol:
    10. -One-
      You should probably get on that, it sounds pretty sick.
    11. -One-
      I didn't know you used to be in Viatrophy! Did you play on any of their albums, or just that EP?
    12. psyklone
    13. Randy
    14. Randy
      I just mean that I've been on the losing side of a moral argument on here once or twice, and while a change in mood or a few other perspectives have their value, you had (have) right and reason to feel the way you did initially. I just didn't want to see you concede on something that's almost solely a matter of preference. However, if you honestly feel like your initial opinion was just a reflection of whatever mood you were in at the time but you feel differently overall, fair call... I don't think anything less of you or your perspective for it either way.
    15. Randy
      That I can't answer. I made the bulk of my rep from poop jokes.
    16. Randy
      Indeed, my friend. The elite club. :coffee:
    17. Dan
      :wub: hows the hair coming along big fella? :D
    18. QuambaFu
      Awesome Bootsy Avatar!!
    19. Mattayus
      Not particularly dude! I mean, one of my favourite tones of all time is from the one before, Impossibility of Reason, hence the 5150 GAS and subsequent purchase, but I never really aimed to have it like theirs. Good to know though!
    20. Triple7
      I saw on Randy's page you have been writing some new stuff, keep me posted duder.

      I am pretty much solo at the moment as well. I didn't make a big deal out of it but Swallow The Ocean kinda fell apart about a month ago, so i have been writing on my own since. Anyway hope all is well, lookin forward to some clips!
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    Home Page:
    Bristol, UK
    I play guitar
    Primary Seven:
    ESP LTD MH-417
    Main Rig:
    6505+>Marshall 1960
    Real Name:
    The Purge
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    ESP LTD MH-417
    Other Guitars:
    ESP LTD MH-1000
    Effects & Pedals:
    Maxon OD-808, Boss NS-2, Boss TU-2, Boss DD-3
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Marshall 1960A
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Tascam Interface, Cubase 5, Adam A3X Monitors, Superior Drummer 2.0, Joe Baressi Evil Drums, BBE Sonic Sweet, KResearch Plugins, Nick Crowe 8505, LePou Lecto, LeCab 2.0, Recabinet 2.0
    We should all pray to Steve Vai because he created the Universe.

    Shredding + Beer


    What happened to Jeff? Funny how he dropped off the radar now that the entire Western world disagrees with his right wing bullshit.
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