Scar Symmetry
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Oct 9, 2016
May 29, 2007
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Bristol, UK
I play guitar

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Scar Symmetry

Ex Whiny Bitch, from Bristol, UK

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Oct 9, 2016
    1. caughtinamosh

      Out, get. :yoda:
    2. Apophis
      yes, that was my main goal :)
    3. Apophis
      I tune both from highA
      a e b f# c# g# D# A# F C
    4. Konfyouzd
      took me forever to finally get it. torrents ftw :lol:
    5. Konfyouzd
      damn i listened to Thordendal's Sol Niger Within at work today...

      IN ITS ENTIRETY. 'twas marvelous
    6. caughtinamosh
      My mate says, "James, you need to come to this beach party."

      James says "Why?"

      She says, "'Cause stuff happens in the dunes."

      :) :) :)

      Stuff like this keeps me going through all the 00:14 forum browsing. It reminds me of my purpose. :lol:
    7. Konfyouzd
      ha... thanks for the counter rep. you put me at 777 rep points :lol: :hbang:
    8. caughtinamosh
      I have had a really good day. :agreed:

      My Business Management project FINALLY came through, and creative writing has peaked out for the first time in months. The weather's good, the beer's chill, and the metuhl loud. :hbang:

      Still consider me mature? I thought not. :lol:

      Still, beach party next week. It'll all fall into place then.. :)
    9. caughtinamosh
      I'LL TELL YOU WHY, FUCKER!!! :mad:

      My phone has given up on me. So bad? Yes, so bad! I was midway through texting this girl I've been chasing on/off for months, and now the screen conks out, so I can hear the "bleep" to tell me that I've got a text, and yet I can't read teh flirtyness!!! RRRAAAAAAGHHHH!!! :mad:

      I can't use another phone, because they don't accept T-Mobile. :scream:
    10. Bloody_Inferno
      :yesway: Cheers for the friends request. I guess it was long overdue as my profile is rather empty. :lol:
    11. Konfyouzd
      i mean can you really get a worse 7 string than one that only has 4 string??? :lol:

      (could i be any worse at reading threads?)
    12. Raoul Duke
      Raoul Duke
      Don't think you missed that much, except for a shitload of other people getting banned :lol:
      One guy got banned after only 5 posts, that must be a record! He was being a massive douche though. It seems getting banned is like a right of passage, maybe i should flame the shit out of someone just to see what its like...actually then i would have nothing to do at work :lol:
    13. Raoul Duke
      Raoul Duke
      So buddy, have you recovered from getting smacked with the ban hammer :lol:

      Is it just me or do people seem to really like arguing with you?
    14. hufschmid
      :woot: welcome back my friend! :woot:
    15. Dan
      DUDE message me, whats the crack with download? Need to arrange a meet up and shit
    16. WhitechapelCS
      I need some money for dat dere E.P.!

      Or you could just give me one ;)
    17. ZeroSignal
      Dude, thanks for all the rep! The only thing is... how the hell can you keep repping me like that? :lol:
    18. meisterjager
      oh.. we're playing with 1000 scars lol, easy mistake to make ;)
    19. meisterjager
      dude, just seen 1000 scars on traces myspace, we're playing with them at the underworld next month :hbang:
    20. vampiregenocide
      Lol I would love to :) I'll have to look at your upcoming gigs and see what one I can make it to.
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    Home Page:
    Bristol, UK
    I play guitar
    Primary Seven:
    ESP LTD MH-417
    Main Rig:
    6505+>Marshall 1960
    Real Name:
    The Purge
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    ESP LTD MH-417
    Other Guitars:
    ESP LTD MH-1000
    Effects & Pedals:
    Maxon OD-808, Boss NS-2, Boss TU-2, Boss DD-3
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Marshall 1960A
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Tascam Interface, Cubase 5, Adam A3X Monitors, Superior Drummer 2.0, Joe Baressi Evil Drums, BBE Sonic Sweet, KResearch Plugins, Nick Crowe 8505, LePou Lecto, LeCab 2.0, Recabinet 2.0
    We should all pray to Steve Vai because he created the Universe.

    Shredding + Beer


    What happened to Jeff? Funny how he dropped off the radar now that the entire Western world disagrees with his right wing bullshit.
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