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  • Whoever left me the neg rep over KsE, thanks. Your comments are duly noted and will be ignored to fuck because I honestly couldn't care what some butthurt kid thinks of my internet persona :)
    Thanks Dave! The Explorer and JPX are by far my favorite axes of my collection. But I will have a PRS Tremonti coming soon that will likely take my #1 spot.
    So, di you get to see the show? How was it? Was I right or was I right that This Gift... were kickass?! :lol:
    If it's Hexis you're seeing, I'll have to regretfully say I'm not in that band anymore. Okay, maybe not so regretfully. I never got along with the singer and more or less despised his immature, stupid ass from day one :lol:

    But hey, look forward to it! They deliver live, and the guy that replaced me is awesome on stage. Hopefully they'll play some new stuff too, if the rest of the band can persuade the singer to do it. Also, make sure you catch This Gift Is A Curse too, they are AMAZING live!
    Hey, sorry to bother you but I saw on a thread that you use LeCab and I was wondering if you could help me with it? I am using it in guitar pro and I cant figure out how to make it actually find cabs. Where are the different amp models? Thank you for the help
    Man! check out my rig interview with Fleshgod apocalypse guitarist!

    - -MusiciansRigs- -: Cristiano Trionfera takes us through his rig in Fleshgod Apocalypse!
    oh, o.k., i got that wrong then..but anyway, very nice discussion. :)

    (a bit repetitive every few pages, but... :lol: )
    Yeah thanks man, I've agreed with basically everything you've been posting too. I didn't want to come off as a dick but it seems some people just can't be rational/logical about the situation :lol:

    I also see people would rather leave you (anonymous) neg rep than publicly debate your points in the thread as well, it's kind of hilarious.
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