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  • Hey man!

    Read your thread about the ZPS system that came with the Edge Zero trems.

    So the question!! : Is the Edge Zero supposed to be parallel to the body? Or is it supposed to align along with the ZPS bar at the back?

    If the Edge Zero aligns with the ZPS bar at the back, then the tremolo isn't parallel to the body, it angles upwards a little as you already know.

    I suppose adhering to the ZPS system will have the best tuning stability. Am I correct or wrong? What's your opinion?!
    Hey man,

    I had a few additional questions I was hoping to ask you about the jp70 since you have three of them...

    1. How is the quality control? Having all three, I was hoping to get your opinion.
    2. How does the jp70 stack up against an Ibby 1527? I am either going with the jp70 with the Petrucci pickup set or a used 1527. Specifically comparing the neck and trem.
    Hi! It's Alen from E.N.D. When you get receive the CD throw a comment on fb, tell us what you think! Cheers!
    Thanks! I think that cleared up most of my questions. I think i will wait till i have the funds for a 1527. Dont plan on buying more gear after i aquire that. All the best with your album.
    hello. i was referred to you by another member of the forum (Chris-T). i wanted to know how big is the difference between the prestige and premium seven strings RG827z and RG1527z since u seem to own both (especially wrt to the neck and build of the guitar). is it really worth the difference in the price? I have no means of being able to try the RG1527z coz local guitar stores do not stock (i would have to place an order and they would get it for me..). Awesome guitar collection btw. :)
    Thanks, man ! I will let you know when I have this song finished, but it may take a while, I'm always slow with turning riffs into a complete song....
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