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Living in Curitiba (Brazil). Originally from Rio.
Public Defender of the State of Paraná

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God is dad, from Living in Curitiba (Brazil). Originally from Rio.

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Jul 4, 2019
    1. Daemoniac
      Yeah man, the MoogerFooger pedals are simply incredible. Theyre all fully analog, theyre all filter/modulation fx, and theyre some of the most interesting fx ive ever heard :yesway:
    2. Daemoniac
      Shit, i forgot TC Electronic in that list... check them out too, definitely. Their little Nova series are just incredible :yesway:
    3. Daemoniac
      Ok, well, lets take a look. Im going to go by brand, and name any specific pedals if there are certain standouts, it'll point you in the right direction at least :yesway: :

      - Gig-Fx: They specialise in foot-controlled units (like wah's) but have more than just Wah. Everything they do is rpetty extreme, and quite interesting. Downside is teh expense. Check out the "Mega Wah", and their "Pro-Chop" pedals
      - Moogerfooger: If you can bear the price, buy everything. They make some seriously awesome analog filter fx and modulations. They work beautifully with distortion too, realy beefs tehm up. Have a look at them all, but expensive as all hell.
      - WMD: Im not too familiar with the rest of the line, but the "Geiger Coutner" is an interesting, random glitch generator (if my memory is correct :scratch:) Check them out, veryinteresting, but possibly too random.
      - Digitech: Not true bypass, but i have to say, their fx are stellar. Interesting, wacky, useable, and different. They sound better than the Line 6 stuff too. Im particularly interested in the Synth Wah, Digidelay, Hyper Phase, and Flanger
      - ProTone: Slightly more 'normal' fx, but of a far FAR superior quality to Boss or Digitech and so on. Extreme distortion pedals are great, and a couple of other really interesting fx (The Raven, for one).
      - DeviEver: Devi makes the most extreme, and brutal fuzzboxes and so on ive ever heard in my life. Very VERY extreme, and not everyones cup of tea. But, by god are tehy interesting. Im seriously GASing for every one of them :drool: NIN used them a lot on YearZero and The Slip
      - ZVEX: Mainly fuzz pedals. The only reason im particularly into them is that their fuzz is pretty much teh distortion im after; thick, but sharp, filthy sounding Industrial fuzz. Great stuff.

      Check here, man, it has some of the best fx and so on ive ever seen. Other than that, just try searching, its what i had to do :(

      Hope it helps :metal:

      PS: As for true bypass, there are always ways around that. Always. So dont be put off by it :yesway:
    4. Daemoniac
      Delay pedals i havent really looked into too much, beyond the usual. The one im planning on getting is the TC Electronics Nova Delay, and the Digitech Digidelay. I dont think either of them are particularly 'standout-ish", but both have some interesting options, and have a pretty good rep.

      My issue when all is there is going to be the whole "lack of true bypass" shit, so i have an $800 multi switcher as well, so all the Digitech pedals id like arent fucking with my signal path :scream: I can give you a shit-ton of interesting synth/filter/fuzz fx tho mang ;)
    5. Daemoniac
      TBH my actual pedalboard is going nowhere :lol::ugh: Near complete lack of spare money really isnt doing me or my GAS any favours. As for recommendations, what are you wanting to play?
    6. 7 Strings of Hate
      7 Strings of Hate
      no no, i'm just a goon, but damn it i wish i was a red r2 :lol:

      Trabalho, sim. Esta cidade é excelente sem dúvida. Se gostas de arte e se precisas de inspiração para o que quer que seja, esta é uma cidade que te fornece isso. ;)
      Vamos a ver o que vou comprar..Estava a pensar mesmo nos monitores...Tenho de ver.
    8. sworth9411
      sperze;s are the way to go I tune up every week or so now :lol: Burstbuckers will be gone very soon so if you want them you got dibs Ill let them go for 175 for the set (the pros go for 130 per piece so seems like a good deal) They were good the problem was the output jack was bad But I am swapping for BKPs let me know buddy:)
    9. IamLukas
      Thx a lot mate!!
    10. sworth9411
      Rad mine as some clips...this is quickly becomeing my favorite guitar...
    11. Leec
      It certainly does that. Take a listen to Circus Maximus. Their guitarist uses it along with a 2:Ninety, and he gets a brilliant rhythm sound out of it.

      How uch are you getting it for, by the way? They seem to fluctuate in price quite dramatically.
    12. Leec
      Yeah, it's a fantastic preamp. What sort of stuff do you want to do with it? It's not the most high gain amp out there, but OD2 channel on it easily does metal and is great for lead, if a little on the thin side.

      It has some simulated outputs, meant for direct recording/jamming at low volumes. They're definitely useable for jamming, but I wouldn't recommend recording with them. I use its main outs into my PC and then use impulse files to simulate poweramp and cab.
    13. sworth9411
      Rad Dude these things are friggin amazing....Make sure you check the truss rod fully when you set it up I have heard rumors about slipping rods on some of these...

      Great looking and great value.....Did you get one with the burstbuckers?
    14. Kakaka
      Eu quero mais pra gravar mesmo. Ao vivo pra mim vai ser conseqüência do que eu conseguir gravar... Você toca bastante ao vivo?
    15. Kakaka
      Eu tô vendendo meu 2120 pra, entre outras coisas, comprar um X3, curto bastante o timbre de gravação do Paul Ortiz e do Misha.
    16. Kakaka
      Oi! Legal ver um brasileiro por aqui. Cê é do Rio? Legal. Ah, você usa o POD pra gravar? Abraço e feliz 2009!
    17. sami
      n/p! CCFL's are what's used inside computer boxes. They're like neon tubes. So you know there won't be any interference!
    18. sami
      thanks man! you can buy a strip of led's. I bought them from lck-led off ebay, though I think his acct is cancelled. You can go to though. You can also use a CCFL tube as well. You'll have to figure out how to use it with an external power source unless you know where in your amp you can connect it to. You only need 12 volts.
    19. FYP666
      Thanks dude, that means a lot to me... Yeah i'm hanging here, i'm slowly getting through all this =)
    20. cataclysm_child
      I know man. No problem =)
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    November 21
    Living in Curitiba (Brazil). Originally from Rio.
    Public Defender of the State of Paraná
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    Ibanez RG7621
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    Currently bandless. Formerly member of Planar (non-metal); Sexto Círculo (mildly metal - deceased)
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    A Czech Cello bow for guitar use. Some unknown brand Portuguese mandola.
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    Music, sci-fi books, anthropology, muay thai, soccer, rpg, basketball
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