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Dec 9, 2005
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November 21
Living in Curitiba (Brazil). Originally from Rio.
Public Defender of the State of Paraná

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God is dad, from Living in Curitiba (Brazil). Originally from Rio.

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Jul 4, 2019
    1. 74n4LL0
      Buona idea il pre/finale...
      con 600 euro circa li avresti entrambi e non dovresti avere problemi a inserirli nel bagaglio a mano :D
    2. 74n4LL0
      If you need help with the "amp mission" I'll gladly help from Italy :)
    3. JohnIce
      Hehe cool :) I'm not sure if swedes are any different from any other people, but it's good that she thinks we're nice :) Yeah I imagine it'd be pretty expensive going from Brazil to Sweden, I don't know what the fees are as we get university studies for free here due to the tax system (we only pay for course litterature), but I'm not sure if that goes for foreigners...
    4. El Caco
      El Caco
      The orange thing in this album 4 sale pictures by sevenstrings7eve - Photobucket

      Here is some more info Advance Tube Technology
    5. leandroab
    6. Apophis
      of course it is :) you can order anyday, just mail me at
    7. JohnIce
      You too man, best wishes!
    8. JohnIce
      Haha yeah, and it was just starting to pick up speed! :lol:
    9. hide
      Don't worry, I'll wait. I think I'll stick in here for quite a while :lol:
      See you!
    10. hide
      La principale comunità italiana di chitarristi sul web è, prevalentemente popolata da rockers, ma non solo. Li ho sempre trovati amichevoli e aperti allo scambio, quindi non preoccuparti degli errori di lingua.
      Se mi trovi online qui su sevenstring non farti problemi ad invitarmi in chat. ;)
      Spero di esserti stato d'aiuto!
    11. JohnIce
      Sorry for the late reply, man!

      If live gigs are your main priority, I don't think the language should really be a problem. Might even be cool, an exotic twist compared to the local bands. But for radio play and for breaking at a larger scale, I'd say english is a safer bet. I can't think of many songs here that are in any other language besides english or swedish, aside for some dance/trance hits that are hooky enough to pass anyway. But if you want to portray yourself more as serious songwriters with deeper lyrical meanings, then I'd say the portugese might get in the way.

      I'm a little biased as I listen to a lot of music in other languages (japanese, icelandic, latin etc.), but I'm not an average music listener either. Judging from what the charts look like here, I'd say the language might get in the way, unfortunately. One idea could be to write some purebred hit songs in english and market them abroad and for radio etc., but still do the majority of your songs in portugese. Like I said, it might be a cool live thing. I went to see Manu Chao at a festival, barely sang a word in english and he had 15 000 swedes dancing around anyway.
    12. JohnIce
      Hm, interesting questions... let me put it this way, it's easier to get gigs if you play metal, but it's easier to get GOOD gigs if you play less extreme forms of music. There are a lot more local bands playing metal, which makes it easier to co-ordinate gigs with similar bands.

      My suggestion would be to hook up with a somewhat successful swedish band that might have a similar audience to yours, and try to play some shows with them. Chances are you could also save some hotel money this way, if they let you crash at their places or their friends around sweden etc. We had a dutch band come over not too long ago that did this with a local band, and they'd do the same in Holland afterwards.

      I'd offer doing this with my own band, but we're not that established yet as I just disbanded with my metal band, which used to be much more active. I wouldn't want to drag you guys here to play for empty places :p Although if you want to wait a few months into next year we could talk about it a bit more and see where we are at that point. We've got some contract offers but we're recording a more professional EP at the moment and we're taking our time with this stuff.

      I really like your music btw! It's a bit more ambient and heavy than what we're doing, we have a more gritty, jazz-punk feel to our stuff, but I think we have a lot of similarities too! I'll definately catch you guys if you come here, regardless if you play with us or not :)
    13. JohnIce
      Thanks man, appreciate it! :)
    14. LordOVchaoS
      Lol I AM building them again dude!
    15. JohnIce
      I dig bolt-on guitars, they have more snap and clarity to them than set-necks, and me being more of a strat guy than gibson guy I'm definately into that tone. But indeed, it doesn't feel as good as the other options. How familiar are you with the Ibanez style joints though? I'm not an Ibby fan but the neck joints are great in my opinion. It could be done pretty easily on a Warmoth or similar, so if you get an unfinished body then I'd definately go for that.
    16. JohnIce
      Unfortunately, the neck joint is nothing to write home about... it's like a strat, but they also offer the "contoured heel" option which shaves off a bit of it aswell as rounds off the back of the lower cutaway. I had this done and although I have no problem reaching the upper frets, it's not like the Schecters at all. It's not bigger than any other bolt-on joint, but it does get in the way a bit.

      I've been meaning to reshape the heel into an Ibanez AANJ style joint, but this guitar is my main gigging guitar so I'll have to wait until I have some time off from playing. The neck in general though is just sex all around.
    17. JohnIce
      Oh, sounds like an epic picstory coming up :yesway: I always dug the Schecter necks, but after setting up my Warmoth to a point where it's the nicest playing guitar I've ever had, I'm kind of moving away from the Hellraiser... maybe some new strings would help, we'll see. Seems custom is the only way to go for 7's, really.
    18. JohnIce
      Thanks man! I dig your Blackjack too, I had one of those but traded it for a Hellraiser, and I regret it :( EMG's aren't my thing, after all.
    19. plyta
      All right, I'll wait.
    20. plyta
      I'm asking $185USD shipping and everything else included.

      There is not much left, just the body, pots with knobs, 5way switch, barrel jack and strap buttons. Body comes with plastic covers (for tremolo and electronic cavities) with screws.
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    November 21
    Living in Curitiba (Brazil). Originally from Rio.
    Public Defender of the State of Paraná
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez RG7621
    Main Rig:
    Axe Fx Ultra
    Currently bandless. Formerly member of Planar (non-metal); Sexto Círculo (mildly metal - deceased)
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    perhaps some day...
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez RG7621
    Other Guitars:
    Gibson Les Paul Studio (vintage mahogany)
    Axe Fx Ultra
    Effects & Pedals:
    Behringer FCB1010
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    some cheap active speakers
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Misc/Other Gear:
    A Czech Cello bow for guitar use. Some unknown brand Portuguese mandola.
    (melodic death metal/progressive/soundtracks/alternative rock/post-rock/classical/celtic) whore

    Music, sci-fi books, anthropology, muay thai, soccer, rpg, basketball
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