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Jul 4, 2019
Dec 9, 2005
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November 21
Living in Curitiba (Brazil). Originally from Rio.
Public Defender of the State of Paraná

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God is dad, from Living in Curitiba (Brazil). Originally from Rio.

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Jul 4, 2019
    1. DrakkarTyrannis
      How do you NOT know about Billy? Randy educated you out of the goodness of his heart, but such things are bannable offenses...HE FIGHT A BEAR for Christ's sake!
    2. Randy
      Just the most life changing piece of music to ever cross your ear canal:

      YouTube - Billy Song
    3. Leec
      hey mate. No problem. As you can see on my page, our old conversation is still showing on the page, so it was no effort to reply, especially as seeing it prompted me to think of it.

      And thanks for the compliment, man.

      Take it easy
    4. hiushifrmbrasil
    5. Leec
      Hey man, I just noticed your old messages on my page where we talked about the Marshall JMP-1. I said that Circus Maximus's guitarist uses one, and I had read that quite frequently on the net. He also lists it in his gear section on their site.

      Anyhow, seeing your message reminded me that I recently learnt he didn't use one for the recordings. He used a 5150 for the rhythms and a Pod XT for the leads. It also explains why I can't for life of me get that sort of tone out of it, using a TS9 in front of it or not.

      Well, might not be relevant to you anymore, but I thought I'd pass that on.

      Take it easy
    6. hiushifrmbrasil
      alem do mais a verba e so 600
    7. hiushifrmbrasil
      oi kra vc tem que saber isso: não ddá para vender todos ops meus pedais porque eu so tenho a pedaleira x v-amp é o seguinte eu vou receber uma verba agora em dezembro mas nao sei o q fazer com ela
      o q eu to precisando:
      meu pedalboard e não esaa pedaleira horríveel!!!!!
      um amp marshal de cabeça e caixa (acho queee o mais adequado seria o jmd 50 e um gabinete 2x12 ou 4x12)
      a reforma do meu quarto pra kbr a tralha

      e a coisa tá preta pro guitarrista aki

      se quiser um contato por email ta aki
    8. petereanima
      yeah, i'm through, and already started to reread the whole series inthe meantime - altough, same as you, i have absolutely no time, but i read 2,3 chapters right before i go to sleep.

      There has been an interview with the american publisher a few weeks ago, where they said that there are only 3 (? iirc) chapters left to be finsihed, and that even they are already written for the biggest part, and that they expect the ready-to-print manuscript by christmas...

      I mean, we've heard such stuff often already, but it would make sense, from a commercial strategy point of view to have the release of the new book just before HBO starts to air the series, which willbe March 2011.
    9. petereanima
      HODOR! :yesway:
    10. Leuchty
      I have SED EL34's in my dual rec now. There is still copious amounts of bottom end. I believe EL34's open up a Recto more because of the pronounced mid range.

      They way I see it mate is, you're going to be safe either way with KT77's and E34L's.

      I suppose you could ask Budda, Drakkar and Max of Metal. I know those guys have a good understanding of those tubes.

      I personally want to get KT77's next. But I can Highly recommend SED EL34's for a recto. I love mine.
    11. Leuchty
      Hey mate! Unfortunately I didn't get around to trying the E34L's as the SED's are pretty pricey.

      I will try E34L's OR KT77's next. AFAIK, the E34L's are a cross between EL34's and 6L6's.

      Sorry I couldn't be more help.
    12. filipe200x
      fala tuco! tens msn cara? queria te adicionar, nao tenho muitos amigos guitarristas, hehehe. Se tiveres me adiciona: . Aew!
    13. JohnIce

      They should be on page two of my Woodo NGD. I guess search for Woodo Ebony NGD.
    14. filipe200x
      Aí bruxo, te adicionei porque és brasileiro, pra ter mais um conhecido por aqui, hehehe. Um abraço!
    15. highlordmugfug
      Haha, because of different musical directions?
    16. highlordmugfug
      :lol: Worked right after I posted that. Sounds good, not really something I'd listen to, but it sounds very good. Production is awesome.
    17. highlordmugfug
      It's a shame about the price (for me anyway), a 50W dual recto with a bassman attached sounds awesome. I wasn't sure if it was imported or made there.

      I'm trying to listen to those songs, but my wifi is not cooperating at the moment. I'll check them out as soon as I can.
    18. highlordmugfug
      How much was that Lifesound Horizon head? And do you have any clips of it?
    19. matt397
      I wish there was a way to make it impossible for anyone, under lets say 18, to start smoking. I wouldnt trust a 13 yr old with taking care of gerbal let alone there own life, smoking = life fail.
    20. Razorgrin
      Right?! I'm a huge steampunk fan, so it only makes sense. Have you seen Rush's new touring setup?
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    November 21
    Living in Curitiba (Brazil). Originally from Rio.
    Public Defender of the State of Paraná
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez RG7621
    Main Rig:
    Axe Fx Ultra
    Currently bandless. Formerly member of Planar (non-metal); Sexto Círculo (mildly metal - deceased)
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    perhaps some day...
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez RG7621
    Other Guitars:
    Gibson Les Paul Studio (vintage mahogany)
    Axe Fx Ultra
    Effects & Pedals:
    Behringer FCB1010
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    some cheap active speakers
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Misc/Other Gear:
    A Czech Cello bow for guitar use. Some unknown brand Portuguese mandola.
    (melodic death metal/progressive/soundtracks/alternative rock/post-rock/classical/celtic) whore

    Music, sci-fi books, anthropology, muay thai, soccer, rpg, basketball
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