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    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    The blue top fixed bridge model with the swamp ash body has been available since 2021 I believe. I have been tempted.
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    At the Gates fires Jonas Stalhammar

    Having wasted five minutes of my life reading their conversations it would seem that this may well be his worst offence. He's certainly not committed any crimes unless being pest is considered a crime in sweden.
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    It's official, a """Pantera reunion""" is happening.

    I find it odd that the Rising Sun is always left out of the controversial flag conversations... Dimebag using the N word or similar behaviour shouldn't be much of a surprise given the company he kept. Imagine what someone like Phil would say off camera.
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    What guitar pick do you use?

    Winspear mini Shivs and chickenpicks badazz 3s are my current favourites.
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    These all arrived today. Digitechception.
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    High-End Advice

    Is a 3~4k guitar really a luxury though? It is within the average person's reach with a little effort. Guitars of this calibur are pretty affordable compared to actual luxuries.
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    High-End Advice

    Labour value is a tricky one. I just had a quote for some paint work on my car and was quoted £700 labour for less than a day's work. I honestly don't know how many labour hours go into building a guitar and how long on average it would take to develop the required skills to craft high end...
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    RGD2127Z tuning and string gauge suggestions?

    Drop G on my RGD I would go for a set of 9 - 46 and add a 64~68 gauge. But I do like my high strings quite light. Dino uses very light strings if i remember correctly so his preferences may not suit everyone.
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    High-End Advice

    I should add that I fucking love my Sado built ESP Custom Shop Syu model! ESP do satin finishes to my liking! :lol:
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    High-End Advice

    I have to say I was not a fan of the Suhr Modern Satins I have tried. I tried a seven string model and did not gel with it at all. It was very well built but i did not like the feel of the finish or the tone. I did play very well and was built perfectly well. It just wasn't for me. I went into...
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    Quad Cortex or Fractal FM3?

    I did play around with it a fair bit when i first received it. I prefer using the drop pedal. I am unsure if the virtual capo has received any updates mind. I remember early feedback suggesting the Axe 3 version was better than on the FM3.
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    Quad Cortex or Fractal FM3?

    I thing I will add regarding both units. The pitch effects are not up to scratch! QC added another pitch effect recently though which I haven't tried. Perhaps the FM3 has as well, not that it would matter. Digitech will always have a place in my heart!
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    High-End Advice

    It's just a humble flex bro. :lol:
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    What’s Your Minimalist Rig?

    Mayones Duvell 6 (with a pickup swap) Daemoness Cimmerian 7 Fryette Pittbull UL (the 5153S was super fucking close, just edged out due to versatility) Hesu 2x12 KMA Pylon & Direwolf Boss MD500 The amp section was by far the toughest decision. Edited my guitar choice, need a longer scale...