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  • Hey dude. I didnt know you were in southern front man, we played with you guys at room 710 when it was still open. Im from hank of the destruction moose.
    Yo Sami, loving your grill modded 5150II !
    Where can I get a piece of Lexan to mount the logos and can you give me a few tips or steps on how to go about doing it?

    I pulled out the front today and got a little disappointed that it's not as simple as removing the grill from the wood since that's where the screws hold everything in place.
    hey dude ;) wsap?! you saw'em live? :D yeah i'm totaly sure that your bass rig -> shakes the earth!!!! hmmm 777 is an epic guitar! i have mine around 6-7 years! :D actually is '02 made! so what's your next step in gear? any thoughts - plans bout a new amp - FXs - guitar - bass?

    cheers! :D
    I likes to switch it on flipmode..Flipmode's the greatest.
    The big songs:

    YouTube - XYZ - Inside Out (1989)

    YouTube - XYZ - Face Down In The Gutter

    At the time they had JK Northrup with them, who played in Foreigner and King Kobra.

    The story behind the whole thing was that we were opening for them, and JK had broken his hand in a bar fight the night before. Our guitarist was actually pretty familiar with their stuff, so they found that out and pulled him aside and asked if he could fake it for the night. He sat in the car and refreshed himself on all their setlist, played the set and it went well. Since their guitarist was going to be out of commission for a while, they invited him to do the remaining leg of the tour with them, he agreed, and they drove out to my place to go over the material with him and ended up staying the night. The next day, they were actually featured on Eddie Trunk's radio show. He ended up playing with them for a week or two, then they had a whole financial debacle with their manager, and the tour fell apart. My guitarist ended up having one of their groupies drive him all the way back to New York from Delaware. :lol:

    It was quite a trip.
    I REALLY want to do Stage 1 of Soldier Blade, but i'm having a tough time figuring it out.
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