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  • Hey samer- no, I left my band Decapitado last year also. Still have my pic on our myspace site. Keeping busy doing custom swirl paintjobs for people. Might be getting a project together soon- does you band Tortured Soul play out a lot?
    hey Samer- good to meet a fellow 7 stringer from milwuakee! Can't recall seeing your band dybbuk playin anywhere- do you play a lot of shows? Where in milw are you located?
    Any luck with the paypal phone number? I've tried several times, with no answer.

    I don't know what to do at this point.
    yo dude! im from Sun Prairie, its like 10 minutes from Madison. are you going to be at Veil on the 24th?
    Alex is an active poster on one or two of his other forums. Amanda dug up a list of them at one point.
    I do have a facebook, although I don't really use it. Add me anyway, though, because I'll probably get it up and running for real eventually.

    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
    don`t tell anybody but...the 8 strings p`up is actually 2 single coils putting together. and over that is something I made with paper. was just an experiment. I don`t feel proud about that...:lol:
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