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    Mesa Triple Crown 50 vs Badlander 50

    TC50 for having three meaningfully different channels, and no money wasted on a feature you may not use (cabclone w/IR loader).
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    Blackstar coming out with something new?

    I thought the Mark I HT was good enough for the price point. A little flat and 2D sounding. I thought the Mark II was a pretty decent step forward. If they did another iteration on that is definitely gettin into interesting territory. Probably still won't become a studio tool people put on...
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    NHL 2021-2022

    Can't believe the Flames won. I was absolutely convinced we were gonna get goalied right out of the playoffs. Oettinger is a higher form of life. The second coming of Dominik Hasek or something. Now it's time for a second round, playoff, Battle of Alberta. Unreal. Can't wait.
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    Decapitated - Cancer Culture

    That new single... Holy shit. Best of the three by miles and I really liked the first couple 🔥🔥🔥
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    New Polyphia Single - Playing God

    well that was boring Weren't they collaborating with rappers on this album? let's hear something with vocals
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    Pickup recommendations for my LP Custom

    underrated pickups I had these in my old LTD Potbelly and they sounded shite with the stock, way too thin strings. A little bit thicker strings and they sounded fantastic... except I had already ordered Bareknuckle Painkillers so I swapped those in. It was an improvement for sure.. but a very...
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    Pickup recommendations for my LP Custom

    My first order, the factory closed when Covid hit so I just canceled the order to make do with what I had.. then at the start of this year I reordered it took over four months to come in. had to get a custom to match the guitar
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    Pickup recommendations for my LP Custom

    I finally got my Fortitude after almost two years of waiting... this has me hyped
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    5150 Iconic - New Budget 5150 from EVH Gear

    Finally got a chance to try one of these and was just blown away. What a fantastic sounding amp. Gonna clear out my Mesa 4x12 that just sits there gathering dust because its too goddamn loud and get the combo. Channel 1 clean was good, channel 1 OD was fantastic, and channel 2 ripped every bit...
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    Axefx III Mark II Turbo or ENGL Savage 60 Mark II?

    yeah it's the OG Savage, not the II. Never been super impressed with the model, either. I don't think it's been updated in like a lot of other models have been so its a step below a lot of the other tones in the box, imo. to OP, what kind of player are you... did you settle on using just one...
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    Elden ring!

    It works awesome. Bewitching branches have a long windup on the attack but it works out great - you can run up to where the two sword guy appears and start the attack just before he solidifies then you're good. No need to do the shield knight too, he's a chump anyway. If two sword guy does his...
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    Elden ring!

    I used a skip to just avoid that fuckhead completely Not sure if they fixed it or not but you could go to that shack at the western edge of the mountaintop of giants and jump off, you'd land in an area covered by a Stake of Marika and just respawn in the consecrated snowfield. I went back much...
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    WTB 7 string soapbar passive pickups

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Offer me any 7 string soapbar style passive pickup - Nazgul/Sentient would be preferred but BKPs would be dope too. They MUST be the old school EMG 707 form factor, I do not want to put pickup rings on this guitar to retrofit traditional pasives. Additional Accessories...
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    Elden ring!

    imo Flame, Cleanse Me is better than getting bogged down doing crafting shit. the requirements for it are super low, almost any build can use it.. even if you can't you could use a +5 faith medallion or something to get to the minimum stat you need just to get through the lake I didn't bother...
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    The Car Thread

    Well she's ugly but I finally welded something for real.... this shit is fucking hard man! I always wondered why we paid these guys $130/hr, now I know. Forgot to take a picture before I wire brushed it but it had a pretty decent color and small heat affected zone, so I did some stuff right. Was...