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Jul 24, 2006
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Jun 6, 2020 at 2:11 PM
    1. riffboy76
      Hey there, I'm interested in the Podxt Live. I'm located in Georgetown, just outside Toronto.
    2. TemjinStrife
      SLSMG users unite!
    3. K7_Munky
      Cool what tour are they doing? I havent heard much.
    4. K7_Munky
      Hey man I read that thread you posted and checked out the band they kick ass is their CD available in stores?
    5. budda
      I actually need $2300.. because the Brunetti 059 is roughly $2800 before taxes and shippign and customs.. :eek:..

      oh and my car is going kaput faster then ever, there's a Trans Am ors omethin for sale for $1500 on the highway.. i dont have $1500 but its tempting lol
    6. budda
      True! I need $1400 lol
    7. budda
      GAS sucks. :(
    8. budda
      i spent $100 in the last 7 days. *sigh*

      but i have 2 band practises this week, get my 7 back, and get to see my buddy's band :D
    9. budda
      I hate money and cant work jobs i cant stand lol. mover for 3 weeks, dishbitch at a restaurant for 3 weeks.. my other jobs have been fine

      gawd i feel poor. i got $1400 three weeks after i got home (first paycheque plus tax return) and i have $250 or so to my name (half that goes to rents for school) - i need money to survive at school!

      :fawk: money haha
    10. budda
      hm. i see. :noway:.

      ah yes, guitar fund. i dont have a guitar fund anymore, hell the BKP fund has been postponed - im workin on making my education fund still exist!

      raise your hand if you hate money lol
    11. budda
      you cant tweak McTweakston it? there's a thread you know

      what are you doin out in the middle of nowhere, workin i take it? ballsy. im at home for the summer... not enjoying it a whoooole lot but w/ 2 band practises a night, soon to be 3, things are looking up haha.

      i need to get paid waaay more then i get paid, ugh. :drew: tomorrow though haha
    12. Nerina
      I'm smiling! Look! :O
    13. budda
      the comp I was tellin' you about?

      you have no 7's? YOU HAVE NO RIG??? :eek:
    14. FoxZero
      Cool man. I was still gasin for one after I got my new amp for its clean and crunch tones, but after playing with my Cobra for a while I was able to get some pretty damn good british crunch and overdrive out of it, those sparkling cleans I'm still workin on, I got real mellowed cleans dialed in right now, but that's what I'm into at the moment.. It's just far more versital than the Stiletto, but I still fuckin love that amp. :) I'll probably pick one up if I see it for a good price. Oh and ENGL was never my thing. :lol:
    15. budda
      :rofl: if only that'd work on the parental units/school/employers.. *sigh*
    16. budda
      silly cody, this one's cheaper! :lol:

      i gotta fill out work forms, i HATE procrastinating but i hate filling them out.. lol
    17. budda
      you know you want a sweet new six for a reasonable price, 'cmooon.. :P

      whas' crackin
    18. budda
      and I'll be trying to do vocals for a man named ho tomorrow :yesway:
    19. budda
      check your PM's, it's from Mr. Comp himself lol
    20. budda
      :yesway: :wub:
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    Calgary AB
    Primary Seven:
    Ormsby Hype 7 / COW7
    Main Rig:
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Jackson COW7 Silverburst, Ormsby HypeGTR 7
    Other Guitars:
    Suhr Modern Carved Top, Parker Nitefly Mojo Flame
    6505+ / Dual Rec
    Effects & Pedals:
    Axe FX 2
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Orange PPC412 / Rectifier Oversized
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Cubase, Fireface UC
    I play guitar.

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