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  • Yo brosef! Does the Axe-Standard have some nice clean amp sims/cab sims as well? Like acoustic guitar sounding stuff?
    Ready to sell it yet? How about now? jk

    Seriously though.. Dead serious on it and I will have the cash this week if you decide to get rid of that sexy SLS. I think I have clearence from the wife.
    yeah, the neck '59 is gorgeous! I'm either getting a JB or a Custom for the bridge - whichever john likes least lol. The bridge is just a little too round for me, if you know what I mean.

    I put 2 KT77's back in the amp, and one of them redplated. I decided to put my old sovtek 6L6's in there just to try it out (had the stock EHX EL34's in before) - sweet distortion, neutered cleans :( lol.

    I need to retube the power section. It's my gf's birthday coming up and I booked my last tattoo sitting lol... :ugh:
    yeah... i want it, but i just dropped large bills on my Hamer lol. have you seen it yet? i have some outdoor pics posted in the art section :).

    Gonna drop a JB in it soon to see how that fares instead of the '59 bridge - should be a bit more of a metal beast in that position. I need to get a replacement KT77 too, the JSX is at 3/4 manliness right now haha.

    you still dont use msn, do you :squint:
    :lol: I see. makes sense.

    over at too? people seem a tiny bit grumpy on this side of things.

    sold that SLS yet?
    Sorry man I got home last night after a 12 hour day and crashed. I had to do a home visit for a President and I didn't actually get to go there until 6:30 and then it took about an hour or so to get him all settled. :( I should be on tonight though! :D
    Bummer man, but that's cool you're getting a new one at least! :wub: Let me know when you're around tonight, I'll be down to play a few matches. :)
    Damn dude, that sucks. :( I hope you get it sorted out, I hate playing against random guys and then having to search for 2 minutes to find another match to join! :lol: The game is great but the search method for finding matches is horrible IMO. :noplease:
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