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Mar 17, 2020
Jul 22, 2006
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Sacha Regular, from Cowtown

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Mar 17, 2020
    1. jy_p
      Hi, do you still have the rgif8 for sale?
    2. Bilbone Shaggins
      Bilbone Shaggins
      Your music is seriously sick. It definitely inspires!
    3. Sacha
      Nope, still for sale! People keep trying to lowball me but it's already an awesome deal...
    4. PyramidSmasher
      You end up selling that stealth?
    5. PyramidSmasher
      Okay good! :P I didn't want you to be without one.
    6. PyramidSmasher
      Really cool JP7 youre selling. You have another?
    7. Metalus
      Yeah man its really good stuff. I even recommended the website to my girlfriend (whos also studying audio engineering) to check it out. Im probably gonna use the site as a reference when i mix my bands EP :D.

      P.S. Monsters are real is soooooooo sick :D
    8. Metalus
      Yo dude just wanted to pass by and say the info you provide on is awesome and the record sounds like its gonna kick some MAJOR ass :D
    9. -K4G-
      Awesome. :metal: Can't wait!
    10. -K4G-
      Just got my copy of Allegory yesterday.
      Awesome stuff man!:hbang: Love the tempo changes and all. You guys are monsters!:metal::hbang:
    11. HighGain510
      Right on, the stealth JP7 looks money! :) Last I heard the Suhr 7 was going to be 27" scale, but maybe he would consider doing a 25.5" if the demand is there?
    12. HighGain510
      I'm really curious about the Suhr too, I'd love Ron to make me a custom 7 but he's swamped with all his artisan orders so I don't see it happening soon. Dan from Oni is currently building me a fanned fret, carbon fiber 7 string that I can't wait to check out! It's essentially going to be a fanned fret 7-string Parker-slayer! :metal: The Suhr 7 is supposed to be based on the Modern with a few tweaks, should be cool to see how he goes with it and what the prices look like! :D

      Btw not sure if I've mentioned it to you directly in the past or not but I *REALLY* dig your stuff with Enditol. :wub:
    13. HighGain510
      Yeah I feel ya man, I had a knot in my stomach for 12 months while he basically ignored my calls, PMs and email and then painted ME as the asshole. :spock: I don't think he understands that when running a small luthier business, you DO have to wear the public relations hat sometimes and respond to at least ONE email from your customers every now and then, otherwise you end up with the exact situation he's put (publicly, that I've seen documented) at least four people through. His explosion over there was exactly what prompted me to sell my order as well since he said all that garbage he posted on (before it was covered up, nice tactic there....) to me as well. I've dealt with a few small luthiers so far and professionalism, courtesy and communication go a LONG way with myself and most folks. I didn't find that when I worked with him either. :shrug: Glad it all worked out for you man, hopefully you're not sweating it anymore either. Are you going for another small luthier build to replace that one or playing it safe with production stuff now? :lol: :D
    14. HighGain510
      Dude I saw how you politely stated what went down with Sherman in that blowup thread over on before Chris deleted all the posts, that's ridiculous that you got banned for stating what happened to your build. The SAME thing happened to me but I didn't want to get banned... they just proved how it works over there unfortunately. :(
    15. budda
      I'll wait for that album :)
    16. budda
      ENDITOL music is teh sechs. I am lovin' it!

      is there going to be a CD i could buy soon? who does the vocals? keep up the great work :)
    17. K7_Munky
      Alright dude I'll be sure to check that out
    18. K7_Munky
      dude your doing the summer slaughter canada tour thats sick.hey does your band have a CD I would like to check it out
    19. budda
      kickass! Ottawa in august and i will arrange to obtain a car :yesway:
    20. budda
      Hey Sacha, bring the boys over to Ontario sometime! :D

      keep rockin' man
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