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  • What town are you in dude? You may actually be pretty close to me. I'm close to the Pikeville area.
    I've actually been suggested that idea a lot haha. I'm still thinking pretty hard on it, might just use my dremel ans scope a little out, the cut away really isnt that big of a problem at all, it would just be cool to do hahahaha
    Well, it's sanded enough to where the paint will stick, I'm not sure if I'm still going to make the cut away deeper or not, I'd like to, Might dremel it, I really need those new pups before I can do much more.
    A 1527 was the first 7 I ever played :agreed: That was a few years ago though, and I haven't had the chance to play one since. I have been playing a RGD2127Z as often as the local shop will let me :lol: Extremely nice guitar, play's like butter, I'd imagine the 1527's would be about the same.
    Shitty deal, those are killer guitars (says someone who's been gassing for the green swirl one since they came out :lol:)
    AFAIK their both MIK, so the quality is going to be about the same. I'd personally try the Agile first, since you're in the states if you don't like it you can take advantage of their return policy, and get the LTD. That way you're pretty much guaranteed to get a guitar you like :yesway:
    Yep, in all of their MIJ greatness :lol:
    The Horizon that they had (it sold a few months back) was up their with JP6's in terms of quality :agreed:
    Axe Music (Axe Music - Canadian Online Music Store Guitars Bass Drums DJ Vancouver Toronto Montreal Canada) , there's only 2 locations. All of the other stores around here are pretty much like your's :(
    Couldn't tell ya, the owner is kind of against 7's, and he's in charge of most of the ordering, so it might be backordering, or just not ordering at all :shrug: Its a pain in the ass since about 70% of the people that work there play 7's and want to try them out just as much as I do :lol:
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