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    1. espman
      I haven't played any Kahlers, 6 or 7 string :lol: But from what I've heard they're pretty good, and yes they are a lot easier to install than a FR, only because they're top mount (aka no routing the back of the guitar to make it fit). I'd like to keep the price as low as possible (prefer to buy used)
    2. espman
    3. Chelseadevil21
      Just the floyds..both of my guitars have floyds and its a serious pain intonating them. I actually really like the EBMM JP, PRS, and Wilkinson Trems
    4. espman
      Haven't started on the 8 string build yet, right now I'm working an a Bubinga body for my RG7321. Trying to decide if I should throw a trem (Kahler) on it or not. Think I should?
    5. Chelseadevil21
      I haven't played the SLAT-7 mostly because I want to avoid Floyd's from now on. Just a hassle. I have heard that they are nice though. For the price, i would look into a custom carvin dc727.
    6. amarshism
    7. espman
      Ouch, that sucks bro. Shouldn't insurance cover the majority of the damage? 200 isn't much, they should cover at least 600 IMO.
    8. espman
      Ahh, no I'm doing a full fan 1st to 27th (just decided that 27 frets is a good idea :lol:)
      I've never been much of an acoustic player (unless you count classical as acoustic) and even that, I've done on an electric. A buddy of mine is huge into acoustics though, and is actually going to buy a Taylor pretty soon (one of the insanely awesome ~$4000 ones :yum:) I'll post a NGD on his behalf once he sells his car to afford it :lol:
      Do you have one?
    9. espman
      Assuming you're talking about my AX400fm, its a LTD, MIK.
    10. espman
      I wish I had that acoustic, its a pretty badass piece of Claro walnut though :agreed:
      Not sure what you mean about just having the lower frets fanned, can you explain that a little more?
    11. Kamikaze7
      Nah man, they are like an extar $10-$20 more than a normal EMG... Well worth the extra though, no questions asked. I am dying to get a set of the 707X's for my green Kamikaze and try them with the SPC & EXG controls... Tasty tonal goodness!!!
    12. espman
      This guy - Macassar Ebony Drop Top Set, Excellent Color and Contrast, Bass or Strat size. 2 panels each .18" x: Oregon Wild Wood
      Scale is going to be 25.5-27.5". I've never had Piezo's before either, but I figured this would be as good of time as any to try them out :agreed:

      That Parker is fucking insane too, even if I could afford it, I don't think I'd get it, I'll go with a Fly Mojo and a Deluxe any day. And you know, maybe a car :lol:
    13. espman
      I'm wanting to do a cross between an Oni and a Parker. Basically going for the most versatile, ergonomic instrument possible. The only actual specs I have nailed down as of now are:
      Mahogany body w/ Macassar Ebony top
      Rosewood neck
      Bloodwood fingerboard
      Fanned frets 25.5"-27.5"
      SS fretwire
      Graphtech ghost system

      No idea where I'm going to get pups for it though :lol:
    14. espman
      No problem :wavey:
      Any ideas on what you're going to do for your build?
    15. Kamikaze7
      Thanks bro! The 8-string is great, and I have a whole new appreciation for it now since it was sold and bought back almost 2 years later. The EMG 808X really helps break up some of the low end and is really an awesome sounding pickup. I'm glad to have it back in my possesion and my collection, where it belongs!
    16. espman
      Yep :)
      Also, check on Craigslist, tools like that tend to pop up fairly often for REALLY good prices (almost got a drill press for $50 once). I've never played a fanned guitar, but I have played a few Dingwall basses with FF, and it felt extremly natural, even with the bass scale lengths.
    17. Kamikaze7
      Hey bro. Updated shots are now loaded in both my profile pic album, and in the forum photo gallery in the member's guitars section. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!!
    18. Kamikaze7
      I've tried to, but for some damn reason it won't let me add more pics to the existing gallery... I really don't wanna have to add them all over again into a new gallery if I can add and edit the existing one, but may have to start a whole new one just to have a complete, up-to-date collection shots.

      If you know how I can add more to my existing gallery, please let me know as I can't figure out how the hell to add to what's there. Thanks and will update ASAP, I promise!!!
    19. espman
      More than likely Ultra, I think that will get the most out of a fanned 8 build I'm planning since I'm using a graphtech Ghost system with Acousic-Phonic/Hexpander. Really aiming to get several instruments out of one :lol:
      How's your search for a router going?
    20. espman
      I hear ya, I'm in desperate need of recording gear too (I have none whatsoever ATM), just so I can get an EP out. I might be getting an axe fx within the next year, so I'll probably be using that + undecided interface + protools :cool:
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