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///M, from Ky

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Oct 31, 2013
    1. espman
      I know! :lol: I'll be getting the build started as soon as I have the money for the hardware, probably not until July or August (if all goes well)
    2. jymellis
      love you brother \m/
    3. espman
      Takes about $45 to fill it, lasts around 2 weeks so not that bad. The gasket itself costs about $2 :lol: Its all labor to get it done.
    4. espman
      Right on :metal:
      You have to remove (and label the shit out of) everything thats attached to the head, take off the valve cover, then take off the head itself (while avoiding getting dirt in the cylinders), swap out the gasket, and put it all back together again :lol:
      Its a good 4 hours work at best, probably more in the engine bay of a 23 year old 2.4L 4 cylinder :lol:
    5. espman
      A friend of mine is a mechanic, so he's hooking me up with a pretty sweet deal, still going to be around $800 though :wallbash:
      If I had a garage I could do it myself, but I'm not that lucky :lol: Its a 1987 Nissan Pickup (basically a Pathfinder with the ass end cut off). Anything around the fan is useally pretty easy, just a few pain in the ass bolts to take off :)
    6. espman
      Well, the kxk isn't going to happen anymore :wallbash: The head gasket on my truck just went, so I can only afford one :(
      Good idea on the cat food, just might have to try that :lol:
    7. espman
      Without a doubt :metal:
      You can get a lot of badass gear if you're willing to live off of KD for months at a time :lol:
      I'm getting a Parker Mojo fly, and putting a deposit down of that KXK V-7 run, all within 2 months, and without selling any gear :lol:
      Time to start mooching food off of my friends :evil:
    8. espman
      Thats pretty much exactly how my buddy is :lol:
      I'd bet the entire cost of the Taylor that he won't know the model until I tell him what it is :lol:
    9. espman
      He's one of those guys that dosn't know his own gear whatsoever :lol:
      I'd have to go to his house and look at it. As far as price goes, I'd guess around 300-350 depending on what model it is.
    10. espman
      No worries bro:hbang: He hasn't got the Taylor yet, still trying to sell his Ovation (a pre-MIC one) and a 12 string to afford it.
    11. espman
      7321's are pretty damn good guitars after a pup swap, but still always keep a look out for a used 7421/7621, you might be able to get one of those for less than a new 7321
    12. Whiskey_Funeral
      Sorry, man. Sold them a few weeks ago.
    13. espman
      Nice, I've seen a couple MH-417's pop up in the classifieds on here so the chances of finding one of those is much more likely. Have you looked at the new H-1007's? Since they just came out, I'm sure some people will get them, decide that they'd rather have an Ibby, and sell it almost immediately so some good deals will without a doubt start showing up shortly after more people have one of those.
      Hope that made sense, I've been up since 3:30AM :lol:
    14. espman
      Can't say I have, even on this forum I've only seen 2 or 3 people that even have one, let alone want to sell one :noplease:
      Whats your budget for a 7?
    15. espman
      It was, too bad it sold though :wallbash:
      Converting a six to a seven is a lot of work, almost as much as building the whole guitar from scratch, so if I were you, I'd go that route, and keep the 6's 6's :2c:
    16. Sephael
      its about 50 minutes south of Louisville.
    17. Sephael
      Radcliff/Ft Knox/Etown area
    18. espman
    19. espman
      I might just have to snatch that up if Peteus dosn't get it :agreed:
      Brand or active/passive? For the most part I prefer passive duncans, but if I can I'd love to try out some BKP's and see how they stack up.
    20. espman
      Very :lol: I've been doing goddamn templates for a few weeks and it's killing me just looking at it :lol: You do need to do some routing for a Kahler, just not as much as a floyd or ibby trem. Only the top needs to be routed to fit the bearings and whatnot (no springs/huge ass block=win)
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    Real Name:
    Herbert Cody
    Turtle Pond
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    S7420 (CL/LF)
    Other Guitars:
    Barclay and OldCraftsMan both vintage, LTD JH-200, Dean Soltera HellYeah custom, Flinthill Acoustic, Fender Acoustic, Kay.
    Amp that I use the most is the Crate-GX130c
    Effects & Pedals:
    Distortion, Drive, Vox Wah, Metal, Death Metal, Line 6 POD.
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Audacity(LAWL), Cubase
    Misc/Other Gear:
    stradivarius violin copy through Roth, 1954 I belieive
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    "I sometimes pretend my penis is a tiny bass guitar. " -Randy
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