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Oct 31, 2013
Dec 9, 2010
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///M, from Ky

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Oct 31, 2013
    1. Faine
      Nice haha Take a pic!
    2. Faine
      Haha thanks man. I love it too!
    3. Faine
      Haha what?
    4. Xaios

    5. Xaios
      Alas, I only wish. I am, however, the God of Nega-SSO. After all, as John Milton once said, "Better to reign in Nega-SSO than to serve in SSO." :lol:
    6. kamello
      Yess!!!11 :D
      thanks for telling me dude, now I will fail all my exams :lol:
    7. Cynic
    8. Levi79
      Sorry for not replying. Totally didn't even see it. To be totally honest I'm not sure if it's Mahogany or Ash. I just know it sounds killer haha.
    9. Levi79
      Ah yeah. Everyone's been there. Let me know though. This guitar seriously just sits and it's a shame because it plays awesome, sounds awesome and looks awesome, I just suck too much to play an 8.
    10. Levi79
    11. Michael T
      Michael T
      Hey man, you need to tell people when you change your name damn it !!!

      I was like "Who the hell is this Saber 777 cat in my friends list ?!?!"
    12. Aevolve
      Thanks man!
    13. Michael T
      Michael T
      Also picked up a Black Pearl Ibanez 7420 that I'm gonna use for parts, I've got a 7 string Iceman Mahogany body being built. Thats my summer project. Got the BKPs and all the parts i need just waiting on the dude to finish up the body. Gonna do a Charcoal black type stain on it kinda like Meshuggahs guitars.

      Ha ha so yep i guess i have got a few new things. I've just got too many Ibanez, hence why I'm looking to part with one of my beloved Saber 7s. :lol:
    14. Michael T
      Michael T
      ha ha thought you'd seen my post about my knee & not sleeping & shit.

      Saber wise I've got three so i figured i could roll off one, I'm looking for a Schecter Loomis or cool telecaster or Parker Fly , just GASing for something new & different.

      New gear wise I got a Ibanez RGD320Z New on clearance from Sam Ash a month ago, put a BKP warpig in her, its a freakin beast, great Melodic Metal tone. Also Picked up an Ibanez 7620 with a HR Giger graphic that has been put on it. Got it from JymEllis on here. Threw a set of Battleworn BKP aftermaths in it a couple weeks ago and loving it. Finally found a set of pups that sound good in Basswood.
    15. Michael T
      Michael T
      Nah not sick sick, had knee surgery. Shit hurts like hell, finally got back on my feet about 3 weeks ago. Just taking it easy & going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week. Shitty part is that was my "good" knee that i just tore up. My other knee I had operated on twice back in '04 & '06.

      How you been doing brother. Haven't heard from you in a bit. Any new guitars/Gear?
    16. Tones
      sell all gear. acquire drift car
    17. Tones
      i love zenki's personally. kouki's not so much lol. I almost thought about selling gear for car parts. Not worth it though. N/A 300zx's are also really sweet cars. Turbo or not, they can both go fast and have lots of aftermarket support. I was looking heavily into z's before i got the spec v
    18. Tones
      Haha yeah the 240's with engine swaps and a turbo are sick. I have a buddy who's turning his into a drift missile. A cheap, awesome, powerful tuner/drift car
    19. espman
      Not at all, you can even use a deck of cards if you like :lol:
      You just need something on either side of the sustain block to keep it from moving.
    20. espman
      To block the trem? Wood :lol:
      You really can use anything, but some scrap wood would be the cheapest.
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    Real Name:
    Herbert Cody
    Turtle Pond
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    S7420 (CL/LF)
    Other Guitars:
    Barclay and OldCraftsMan both vintage, LTD JH-200, Dean Soltera HellYeah custom, Flinthill Acoustic, Fender Acoustic, Kay.
    Amp that I use the most is the Crate-GX130c
    Effects & Pedals:
    Distortion, Drive, Vox Wah, Metal, Death Metal, Line 6 POD.
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Audacity(LAWL), Cubase
    Misc/Other Gear:
    stradivarius violin copy through Roth, 1954 I belieive
    Something silly

    Guitar, Music, Theory, Car Audio, Drifting,



    "I sometimes pretend my penis is a tiny bass guitar. " -Randy
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