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  • i have it in a gp5 file. all my material is on gp5 atm. i just put it in midi so anyone can listen.
    you may enjoy this. every bar is pretty much glued together except for the start with drums, which atleast i had put some effort into applying structure. keep in mind, that the time signatures are changing every bar except for 7 bars of 4/4 and 6 bars of 6/4 that repeat only a few times each. this is only song/material idea number 30. but i thought you might enjoy this one the most, atleast i do.

    at the time, i was listening to a lot of The Arusha Accord, and Shai Hulud, with Misery Signals in the back of my intellect.

    tuned to drop A#, 7 string tuning.

    cheers duder,
    i kid you not!

    here is the link right off his profile on ss.org


    ps - i checked it out & it works.
    I've got some recordings coming along at the moment, but they probably won't be done before the new year. I'll let you know when they come. Then again, pretty much anything Bulb has done in a year or two has been the Axe-Fx.

    Here's a video I made though, not through monitors but a home stereo system. Sounds surprisingly good though, I'd say... I just overdid the prescence a bit in this vid.

    YouTube - Axe-Fx metal tone (Bogner+ENGL)
    aw dude thats cool i miss understood, i thought you meant you had the whole song of tempting time, but ya thats cool dude
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