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Dec 9, 2014
Sep 13, 2007
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SS.org Regular, from London

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Dec 9, 2014
    1. Bloody_Inferno
      Thanks for the rep. I'm really glad you enjoyed The Stranger Within. :wub:
    2. tedtan
      Happy New Year. May it bring you health, success and happiness.
    3. Ryan-ZenGtr-
      Hi J, just thought I'd share the PC pain, too. I got a virus on 3 PC's and had to spend an age removing it... All good now, no data loss...

      I hope your PC's back up so you're ready to write if the mood takes you!

      A while back I bought an external hard drive, really big for really cheap... Good for backup of your music...

      New year has worked out differently for me. I've got people asking me to teach guitar againg, as it is their new hobby... As well as some other players who want to brush up on their theory, so that's good. Also, someone phoned up a minute ago and wants me to play funk at functions... It's a long way from Wacken, but it might pay the bills, who knows?

      By the way, do you know anyone who's selling a Gmajor or similar and a MIDI footswitch? I'm after some delays/reverbs... I thought I'd ask you first.

      Good luck with everything and I hope next time we meet there's guitars and beer!
    4. 7 Dying Trees
      7 Dying Trees
      hey man, all gfood, apart from pc hell...installed an os 7 times now, this hsould be the last time, and just in time, as the old PC has died...

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    Ibanez UV 7 PWH
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    Influences: DreamTheater,Cynic,Carcass,Soilwork...