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  • just wanted to ask you what E scale lengths should I go for that are close as possible, for fret find 2d.
    here are the scales I want for this 10 string.
    as close to them as possible...
    1- 27"
    2- 27.33"
    3- 27.66"
    4- 28"
    5- 28.33" or 28.45"
    6- 28.66" * try to keep this one short!
    7- 29.33"
    8- 30"
    9- 31"
    10- 32"
    that was the 27" - 32"
    and now the 27"-33"
    the difference is in the last 4 strings B1-E1-B0-F#0
    or 7-10.

    7- 29.5"
    8- 30.5"
    9 -31.5"
    10- 33"

    now I tried dividing the nut width 80mm into 2mm "strings" and I took away the space to the edge of the fingerboard(0.000001). so now it is just Fretfind 2d 41 string guitar with the spacing's as...

    1-3rd string
    2-7th string
    3-10th/11th string
    4-14th string
    5-17th/18th string
    6-21/22th string
    7- 25th string
    8- 28th/29th string
    9- 32,33,34th string
    10- 37/38/39th string

    that leaves 4mm ether side of the last and first string.
    I found that the bridge widths of the saddles between the 1st and 7th string were about 11 mms, so the first six strings total bridge width was about 65mm. The bass string saddles were about 13mm. So total 10 strings width- 117mm, with 2mm ether side for the finger board.

    your's were-
    the string spacing is all wrong and messes with the measurements anyway rusti, Perhaps you could help I asked the guy from fretfind and well, no reply this time.
    also I have an idea for frets with needle like nails instead of a tang. what do you think?
    Hey, I have always wondered why the Fret find 2D site doesn’t compensate for thicker strings and wider spacing on the nut and bass side. I mean, I’m sure it works fine for a six string but the equal spacing is skewing the measurements. Not only the scale, but the smoothness of the fret curves on multiple scale lengths as well. So I guess cut out the scale lengths separately to see if they “fit”? Rusti, you said that to get a smooth transition from low end to high the frets have to fit even, so what measurements would work for this? given the new string spacing? 27-32" curved and the older one 27-33".

    My string width/size approximation findings/preference.

    Nut. 78mm Bridge. 117mm
    1] 2mm 1] 5mm
    2] 9.5mm 2] 16.5mm
    3] 17mm 3] 26.5mm
    4] 24.5mm 4] 37.5mm
    5] 31.5mm 5] 47-48mm
    6] 38-39mm 6] 58-60mm
    7] 46-48mm 7] 70-72.5mm
    8] 55-58mm 8] 84-87mm
    9] 64-67.5mm 9] 96-100mm
    10] 71.5-76mm 10] 108.5-113.5mm
    I've just discovered your luthier work on this forum, and I'm beyond impressed. The "8 string twins" thread ends abruptly - is there a follow-up on another tread somewhere where I could see the final guitars?
    i may have missed it in the thread, but how much are you planning on selling the 8s for? each?
    Che peccato, comunque hai fatto un gran bel lavoro. Non solamente sulla bellezza estetica della chitarra ma dalla costruzione mi pare molto... Rock solid :p
    Ciao e grazie! :)
    No al momento no, per il semplice motivo che lo faccio nel tempo libero e per fare questa ci ho messo quasi un anno, quindi non voglio prendere impegni se non sono sicuro di poterla fare in un tempo accettabile :)
    Magari un giorno potrò farlo come lavoro chissà ;)
    alla fine ho chiesto a mio fratello,conosce molto bene tuo cugino,è stato lui a dargli il soprannome yoga insieme ad un suo amico.
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