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    Tear my mix apart

    I got to agree the whole bass and low mids sound as if its scooped. maybe you have been working on bass heavy headphones or speakers i don't know but here on my monitors it sounds very low on low end
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    Neural DSP Archetype: Nolly | Testing Tones

    it sounds good... what a surprise but what came to my attention is in fact your playing it made me go and check your bandcamp and there was indeed one album. so my only complaint is, why only one album??
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    D20 - New Project Demo Riffs (GGD, Solemn Tones, Submission Audio)

    you are still around I didn't hear anything new from you for like over 8 years now (was absent from SS and in general much metal production due to studies work etc) but its so nice to see that you are still around and still doing good stuff. in general it sounds good but the bass sounds to...
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    Ibanez SR675

    congrats this bass looks really sweet!
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    New prog metal song

    really cool composition and in general i really liked the whole track. perhaps the best part for me is the fact that it has no vocals. The guitar tone is a bit scooped for my liking but in general sounds good :yesway:
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    Proggy MetalStep experiment

    actually really cool track. i like how you mixed it it has this cool vibe of futuristic city.
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    Ibanez RG2228 RNHD custom

    i can not help but wonder how is the floyd with the low strings, do they stay in tune when you hit them hard? do you notice any change in tone or sustain comparing to the old bridge? awesome mode!!!! and you made my gas for 8 string just worse.... thank you very much :wallbash:
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    Thought I'd share a metal tune for the first time in ages. Free Download

    :yesway: i like it, would love indeed a whole instrumental album like that.
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    New IDOLER mix! Old Skool POD Djent is Back??? (PodX3, DFHS1)

    I am glad to hear that you are back to this! i am still having your old demos on my mp3 Player rocking my ears :) just one request, if you are going to "ruin" it with vocals, please release somewhere instrumental versions of your work for dudes like me who are not in to vocals at all
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    NBD: Ibanez fanned fret

    my thoughts exactly! ( I got the 5 string at first and loved it instantly untill found out that there is also the 6 string version of it, and now waiting until it finally arrives)
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    8 string guitar/Electronic music

    I find this to be very interesting project. I was drunk one day and had this crazy idea of trying to do some metal with an awesome DJ and this idea just remained as some drunk memory that i was hopping to make some day happen. and what do I see here O_O you realized my idea and made it...
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    NPD: Dimarzio Illuminators

    congrats, they look awesome ! do you have some sound samples or perhaps comparison with the old pups that you had?
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    New videogame-cover. Sonic's up.

    this track is probably one of my favorite from sonic2. it is interesting approach there. i must admit i was expecting to hear the main groove of the drums and the bass because that is the main drive of that track but still cool thing! may i suggest a challenge for you? i was thinking to cover...
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    New long song. Mix-critique very welcome

    my post has nothing productive to mention, i can't jusdge the mix as i am listening through Laptop speakers. However, the concept - story and the way you wrote it really cool and i like it so it is :yesway:
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    Kalium Strings - Stainless Steel vs Nickel Hybrid (With A/B Clips)

    thanks for producing this video, really well made and covers everything that i would like to see and hear. it is clear to me that my next set from them is going to be the Nickel hybrids as my bass is somewhat dark on the bass side and they might just get that extra little clarity that i am...