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Dec 31, 2015
Jan 12, 2011
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St. Paul, MN

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rug Regular, from St. Paul, MN

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Dec 31, 2015
    1. Silence2-38554
      Hey man, I really dig your tone in Earthrise & read through the thread regarding your Emperor cab. I'm just curious what speakers you had that thing loaded with? Their stock 65w Webers or something else?
    2. 7slinger
      check out , we've got free mp3s you can check out. demo quality, but you can hear what we sound like if you want.

      we haven't been playing out regularly for about 2 years, as several of us had/have impossible schedules, but we are looking to get back out that it seems like most all the bands we used to play with over the last 5 years aren't around anymore!
    3. rug
      Same here dude, we're always on the hunt for more bands to play with. What kind of stuff do you guys do?

      Yeah, the Pantera shit's fun...I'm the dude with the long hair. Our regular material doesn't sound anywhere close to that, it's just a ton of fun to play that stuff in tribute.
    4. 7slinger
      ya man actually live in Woodbury but work in St Paul...actually at work right now - lame

      found a thread with your band vids, was tryin to quietly check out the Pantera covers - looks pretty killer. it's been a while since my band has played out regularly but we are always lookin for people to network with for shows and such
    5. 7slinger
      howdy St. Paul :wavey:
    6. QuambaFu
      I'll shall befriend the!!
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    St. Paul, MN
    Primary Seven:
    ESP/LTD SC 607b
    Lesser Known Saint // Earthrise
    Myspace URL:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    ESP/LTD SC 607b with BKP Warpigs
    Other Guitars:
    Schecter C1 Classic
    Epiphone Les Paul
    Ibanez MMM1 Baritone
    Vantage Les Paul copy in baritone tuning
    Engl Powerball v2
    Effects & Pedals:
    Eventide Time Factor, Line6 DL4, Digitech Whammy, Boss DD6, Digitech Bad Monkey...and then 2 Boss Metal Zones and a Zoom Tri Metal.
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Mesa 4x12...for now
    I'm ambidextrous. Can drink with either hand while the other hand either shreds or chugs.

    drinking, rocking