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  • Hi Roo.
    I see you are a Maverick enthusiast and wonder if you could help me.
    I have a Maverick JR4 and am looking for a new home for it.
    Would you be interested or know anybody that is ?
    Please let me know.

    Kind regards

    Good deal. Glad it made it safely. And yes there are plenty of my patches from 000-130ish and in the 300-340ish range. lolol Don't forget to leave me some iTrader feedback. haha
    Also, I almost forgot, I am going to need a telephone number, I think. Last time I shipped something over to your area, there was a big ordeal about me not having a phone number.
    Hey man, I have been pretty busy with work, and haven't had a chance to ship it out just yet. I apologize. I will get it shipped out asap though.

    Oh man, if only, hahaha.
    Gonna be a good few years before I have enough spare cash to afford one of those bad boys. That said, judging by the quality of what I've seen and heard, if I ever find myself in the position of going custom, I think Daemoness will be up there on the list of saliva-inducing luthiers that I'd consider.
    Havnt started it yet! need to wait for my first pay cheque which wont be til next month.
    I learnt from this site really. i knew how to use woods n shit from my dad but alot was on here. :yesway:
    An increasingly small world this seems to be. Just checked out your band on myspace dude, I would be slightly intimidated jamming with you judging by the musicianship displayed there! Some really nice tracks. I live in central Bristol. Kingsdown to be specific.. I have exams in the next few months so won't be down for anything just yet. Also I've just come back from a 2 year haitus which has knocked my playing majorly.. however If I put some hours in practising and grab a few lessons over the next few months....

    nice one bro, shoot back!

    hey dude hows it going? ya i know alex. i play bass for bloodshot dawn now too so know them through that really. well alex iv known for a while and paul your drumer. hows the band going man? i remember doing sound for you guys ages ago at day of rockening and you were the only band i liked haha
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