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  • Hey man, do you still have that picture of that JPXI 8 mockup? The original picture went down or something!
    Sorry, but there is no template. It's all handbuilt and my luthier kind of copied it from the original body, with some slight changes.
    No more hot dogs from 7 eleven or what not - save yo cash!
    Hopefully you'll have enough soon!
    Remember to do an NGD whenever you recieve it dude :D
    Can't wait to see you unbox some win!
    Dj-dj-djent and THALL dude :D
    Hey dude!
    Yes, I did order it from ProMusicTools. Ordering was easy and efficient, and delivery time was only like 4 days. When I ordered it, I actually asked them to ship it to my uncle in Sweden because we were on vacation, so delivery time will hopefully be just as short for you, dude! :D
    They were very kind and professional about their work. So I'm very satisfied with ProMusicTools :)

    Just send them an e-mail before you order or whenever you want really, like they recommend that you do before you order or have any question about anything related to the guitars or shipping or what not.

    When you are going to order, ask if you can order over mail! It would be alot cheaper because you pay for using PayPal. (Like 5% of the price or something)

    Lykke til, dude :D

    - Chris

    EDIT - By the way, the guitar is also available in Norway, but I saved ALOT of money for buying the guitar and shipping from Germany. We have the same story, bro :D
    I'm tuning the 7s to dropped G# with a D'Addario 10-46 set and an extra 64 D'Addario string for the low G#. I like my lowest string to have a bit of a "dooow", if you know what I mean. ;)

    We might post a new song in January, dude.

    Hey dude.

    I didn't take it out on tour yet, since we just started writing some material on them, but I'm sure they will hold out on tour just as good as any other Ibby. I tried an DiMarzio Evo7 in the RG827, but prefer the D Activators, so I'm gonna swap the Evo out for one of those. I have another RG7 with D Activators and they are cristal clear. I can only recommend trying those.

    Thanks for the kind words, too.

    drop G# man, with a .072
    Playing in that tuning on 7's and also in our old tuning (drop A#) with an F below it for some even newer new stuff. Mortal Kombat is in a really wierd tuning that jon came up with, like GAEAB etc or something like that
    hey dude,
    after 4 weeks in the studio we finished up early last week. It's been sent off to the machine shop for will putney to mix & master. Very stoked at how its sounding so far and I can't wait to hear what Will does to it
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