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Nov 12, 2010
May 7, 2008
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Nov 23, 1973 (Age: 48)

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rob_l Regular, 48, from Florida

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Nov 12, 2010
    1. PyramidSmasher
      Why no more NGD threads? :(

      You okay dude?
    2. QuambaFu
      Hey rob_l, do you still have the rg1550? I just searched the forum for it and saw that you had some pics, that no longer work, and I'm wondering what you think of it, still have it?

      Would be cool to see it with the orange pickups you mentioned and knobs!!
    3. Sebastian
    4. Dan
      Hey man! TimSE and i were wondering where you have wondered off too! We are used to seeing a NGD from you every week. It cures our GAS! :lol: Hope everythings cool with you man? :)
    5. M3CHK1LLA
      i keep hearing about this awesome coll. of 250+ guitars. so where you album already? :lol:
    6. MorbidTravis
      hey dude im pretty interested in knowing if you went to any AE schools or if you're self taught
    7. AzzMan
      Hey, Rob, are there any good guitar guys in north Orlando you could point me in the direction of? I need to get some guitars set up and I need somewhere to take them, and figured since you're pretty local you could clue me in. Thanks.
    8. Itsmychapel
      Hey would you be interested in a trade for my m207, im looking for a new 7 or 8 and i saw that you owned over 30, so i just wanted to try my luck
    9. QuambaFu
      I love you Rob! Amazing guitars and beautiful pictures!
    10. vampiregenocide
      Hey man hows it going? :) Do you do video demos ofany of your guitars? Some of the stuff you have is really rare and whatnot and would be awesome to see some video demos/reviews of your guitars. :D
    11. jayeshrc
      hey man i was wondering.. how does the slat3-7 compare to the rgd2127z? i cant try either and id be ordering one soon almost blindly.. i love the look of the ibby but ive kinda found all ibbys a little stiff and machine-like compared to other guitars.. maybe the necks are too thin.. i dunno. jacksons are awesome though.. im not gonna change the stock pickups if i get the 2127 coz id be way broke, so i gotta keep that in mind too
    12. Chelseadevil21
      dude you should definitely get some Suhr guitars
    13. baboisking
      does you ruby red carvin dc727 have rounded or standard body edges?
    14. thesimo
      you need an epic post with all your guitars in one shot :)
    15. Piney Hills
      Piney Hills
      just checkin in with ya... hope things are going well... new store should be open in a week or so
    16. ShreddyESP
      Rob, i think your guitars are spectacular. Do you have any more pictures of your RG1527M? I'm thinking of getting this one in a while, and your pictures are the best, so :D
    17. HighGain510
      Should I assume the deal is off man? If you still want it, please get back to me Rob.
    18. Sebastian
      Amazing guitars rob ! Wish You All the Best !
    19. rob_l
      Well thankfully life has settled down and I can get back to the business of trying to make music again. The studio just got a HUGE upgrade order placed. The pieces are arriving at Sweetwater now. Incl. a C24 w/ console desk and producers credenza, preamps, a couple of Distressors and a pair of new Focal Solo6Be and Genelec monitors. Stay tuned... lol
    20. vontetzianos
      Dude you have one of the most amazing collection of guitars and studio equipment I have ever seen. Maybe we can hear a few recordings coming from that awesome studio.
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    Nov 23, 1973 (Age: 48)
    Primary Seven:
    Carvin 7x7s
    Main Rig:
    Carvin x100b->L6 M13
    Real Name:
    Yeah, nevermind.
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    I dunno, almost 30. It fluctuates every week or so.
    Other Guitars:
    220+- from virtually every builder imaginable. No, not kidding....
    Bogner Alchemist head->Marshall 1960a, Carvin x100b reissue half-stack in white tolex, Peavey JSX and Valveking half-stacks, Ashdown Fallen Angel 180 head, Crate BlueVoodoo 120 head, Bugera 6262 as a backup for my original, first year 5150.
    Effects & Pedals:
    TS808, Boosta Grande, SD Lava Box, Boss SD-1, L6 M13, TC G-Major, Peterson Strobostomp... etc. etc....
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    32-fader PT8 LE rig with Avalon, UA, PreSonus, Focusrite pres - UA, Massenberg, dbx and ART, EQ and compression - POD X3 Pro, GSP1101(love that Legacy model) w FBC, Boss GT-10 - Mac Pro 2009, Dual 8-Core Intel Xeon 5400 procs 12mb [email protected] cache each, 24GB RAM, 4x1TB Glyph SATA drives, 3xDell 24" 2409 monitors, Adam-Mackie and Alesis 'monitors' run thru a Mackie Big Knob
    Misc/Other Gear:
    As everything - Really too much for me to list ;)
    ya vol