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  • Hey what's up ripped,got advice from you last week about brass block upgrade,went ahead and ordered it but 2 days later realized it was for a 6-string,seller says it will fit but can only use 3 springs,guitar currently has 4,will 3 be enough or should I send back for 7-string block.Which one do you have?Am tuned down to A standard if that helps to determine number of springs. Thanks Joe
    Liked what you did with the neck of that Rg7321,there can be so many conversations and most don't go into detail like yours did!

    Yeah, I'm not exactly out there looking for 7 stringers. I go commute to Cortland 3 days a week, most of my time has gone to school so a band hasn't even crossed my mind. You'd think Syracuse would be crawling with 7 string players, but the big metal scene up here is hxc and that doesn't offer much in the 7 string department haha
    Hey dude, whereabouts in Upstate NY are you? I'm in the Syracuse area and only know one other person that plays 7s (literally met him a week ago haha)
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