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    Modded NGD!

    hot damn! great looking guitar.
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    Agile interceptor pro, Epiphone les paul

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Good ol' Agile interceptor pro 725 Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): none Location (City,State or City,Country): New Jersey International OK? : nope Contact Info (No Phone #s) Email :[email protected] References...
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    Pop Punk Appreciation thread!

    man overboard. the end. haha
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    Multiple Tattoo thread

    i have this same piece lol. Love Baizleys work!
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    Body Modification - Piercings/Tattoos etc

    I agree! The guy doing my work is a good friend and great artist. just got my third session done last week. Fourth will be done this friday for my b day. :hbang:
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    Body Modification - Piercings/Tattoos etc

    I'm a huge john dyer baizley fan... heres two sittings worth of work I've had done recently. 2 more outlining sessions left before color!
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    Make Me Famous first single released off Sumerian.

    that's exactly what i was insinuating, pardon the lack of elaboration. I think their gimmick is pretty literal as well. Their name states it all. Copy whats popular. Though i question their definition of 'famous', I can't see this band progressing to anything else than what they are.
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    Make Me Famous first single released off Sumerian.

    Well that's because they're not just words, their acronyms. point remains. This "sound" is marketable and will make sumerian money. not claiming that is right or wrong but, understandable.
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    Make Me Famous first single released off Sumerian.

    they have played some shows (according to them) but given their geographical location I can't see gigging regularly possible without a labels support. Other than that, they have the WCAR, TDWP, A!A!, AA thing going for them. They'll be huge in no time. I don't hate them but It's also something...
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    My bands demo, finally done! (progressive deathcore, free download)

    Reminds me a bit of salt the wound. Good work :)
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    What Guitarist(s) Influences YOU The Most?

    Zack ordway. alex machacek Ryan morgan
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    Anyone Use Drop G Tuning?

    I'm pretty much obsessed with GCGCFAD.
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    Randy Blythe (LOG) - Online Raging via Twitter

    The internet made music TOO accessible. You can go to a bands page hear two songs bounce on over to youtube watch a live video and make a judgement on a band you've never personally experienced. It's the biggest double edged sword off all time imo I buy what I like. i get my hands on a few mp3s...
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    Drifting (Post-Hardcore Demo)

    its post hardcore. it can be a tad messy ;) gives it character. I dig the track has a few closure in moscow moments (which i think is great) Keep it up.
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    Jack White is a total genius!! Juggolos 4 lyf!!

    but wait..... how do magnets work? but as far as this topic....this is a sad collaboration.