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  • You can never go wrong with a Prestige, I can tell you that. However, try the 721, and it if makes you happy you're good.
    Hey dude.

    Before I had the chance to really do anything with that guitar, I had to sell it to fund another one. However, the neck was rounder than your usual Wizard/Prestige neck. The brige is really good, the stock PUs aren't - not a huge suprise. I sold it to a friend and he upgraded it with creme DiMarzio PUs, looks great.

    Mine wasn't set up very well and therefor didn't play that great. I'm sure with a pro setup it will be a great guitar. I take all my guitars to a tech anyways, because no out of the box setup really suits what I like.

    And yeah, man... 2007, huh? It's been a while, man. That was our first tour and we were bloody young. Check out out latest album VOYEUR. It's very dark and atonal. Not sure if you're into these things, but you could give it a shot. ;)

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