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  • hey! do you still have that spalted Jackson Kelly Custom Shop? I saw you had some issues with it, would you be interested in selling?
    Hey man, I listened to your stuff in the classifieds. I hear and like the slipknot influence. I currently own two 7s and about eight 6s. I'm currently looking into getting an 8. I might be interested in this project you are looking to start. Keep me posted. thanks
    Despite everything that's going on with me... Carvin's are freaking rad. Don't sell yours! Put on some heavier strings and drop the action. I chose VERY bright woods for mine so I can see how it could sound "piano-y" but mine came set up with my strings (.072 on bottom, .049, .038, .027, .017, .014, .010), with my ideal action/etc, and it's perfect. I've had the luxury and opportunity of playing VERY high end guitars and I can say (fully aware of my bias) that this plays as good or better.
    Hey man, quick question. I've seen on threads that you have some knowledge on the Slattxmg3-7 and the model numbers. I need to know if this guitar i am looking to purchase is basswood or mahogany but the number the guy gave me seems weird.
    The number i was given is IWJ1200025, any idea on which model it might be? Maybe he gave me the wrong numbers? Thanks dude
    Rereading now, I understand better. Just had surgery and the anesthetics are stll in effect. On that note, I need to get the fuck off the internet. :lol:
    My apologies for calling you a bigot. That was wrong of me. Things got heated and I acted emotionally rather than logically. Next time I'll remember to engage my brain before my fingers. Again, I'm sorry.
    I know you're looking into getting a custom, and looking for a shop like RAN who will do just about anything.

    You may want to look into GROSMANN Guitars.

    I saw you commented on one of his threads. I've seen a lot of pictures of his work over the years and it seems top notch. I've yet to hear anything bad.
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