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  • Hey man thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate it!!! I'll be posting an update in a few days.
    It's too close to the coast where I was (an hour out) and the population of islanders in Cali is larger than it is here in CO.

    Here in the springs the "Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander" demographic is only 0.3% whereas in the town I'm from it's 0.4%, but considering the fact that the population of the Springs is over 400,000 people and Rohnert Park, CA has just over 40,000; that's a huge difference. The entire Sonoma County, CA area only has 0.3%, but I'm not comparing counties, just towns. :lol:

    Though, I guess it doesn't really matter for me, since I'm hapa, so I fall under the "Two or more races" category. :rofl:
    It works, you just have to go a bit inland where the population of us islanders is small (like CO, for instance). Back in California it didn't work as well as it would here in CO. :lol:
    I definitely plan on visiting in the future, it's on my bucket list. I take more pride in my Hawai'ian blood than in the haole portion of my blood. It makes all the fine haole girls think "oooh, exotic!" :lol:
    I was born and raised in California, actually. I've unfortunately never been to the islands, even though I've got family out there. I'm sure that my family out here is the majority of the population of islanders in CO. :lol:

    Again, sorry for not going into pidgin. Out here unless if you're noticeably islander and hanging around with others who are noticeably islander, you get looked at weird by the haoles. Plus, the only other person I can really get into pidgin with is my mom and even then we speak haole. :lol:
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