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  • Congrats on the Turisas show! I won't be making it to Progpower. Not a single band I'm interested in (I'm not too big into most power or prog bands, just a few).
    Yeah man gotta hate Florida. Finding singers sucks too. I think my girlfriend was gonna try out for u guys awhiiiiiiile back lol.
    Well we recently had 2 members leave due to creative differences, recently replaced them and now were writing and looking for a drummer lol.

    Finding a drummer in Miami sucks lol
    Yea I tried that but he didn't give me his email address ;/ Then when we finished our CD I couldn't reach him so I left our press kit with his wife. Grrrrr hehe Oh well I'll just ask Soilwork next time those guys are cool :)
    Hey man any chance you can put in a good word for Mendacity to Greg? I wanna play that Soilwork show! hehehe
    Thanks dude, I just traded the JSX I had and now I'm "down with the King" LOL!
    -got me a Mesa Triple Rec....what a difference!!
    Dude is there much of a scene for rock in Ft.Laud/Miami area?
    I moved from Orlando a couple years ago, but I didn't get down to Miami area as much as I wanted- and when I went down it was usually to shoot Rap videos with my friend who directs them
    yeah i never got the black stuff on the fretts, either, only thing is my volume pot seized up but some oil solved that. my rg3120 is great, it was built in 1998, its got a bunch of dings and chips down to the wood, but you cant tell from a few feet away, it plays really well though, only bad thing is some of the fretts need to be changed out, the action cant get as low as the rg20th(the previous owner had strap locks that striped and the rg3120 fell during a gig) plus the neck needs a bit of an adjustment that i havent gotten around to fixing; the high e string is really close to the edge of the board and it fretts off way too easily. other than that the 20th and the 3120 play like butter:shred:
    its my favorite guitar to play.:hbang: i want to get another guitar almost exactly like it, just so i dont damage this one during gigs. hows yours? did you experience any of the black stuff on the fretts or volume pots freezing up?
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