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  • I agree... I'm at a client site right now, but I'm back later this week and will hopefully get some decent weather as well to do some outdoor shots, at least of the two sevens together :D
    Why don't you have a seat over there? So what did you think was going to happen here today? You showed up to a meeting with another forum member with condoms and peppermint schnapps... And from your chat logs, it seems like you wanted more than friendship...:lol: :wub:
    Hey dude, how's it going? Befriended you cause i wanted to ask you about the full shred 7's you have.
    How do they sound to you? Is their bass tight and are they bright?
    "Unfortunately my sacrifice did not pay the dividends I was hoping for"

    Welcome to the story of my life. :rofl:

    I'm glad you can appreciate the irony in that one. As funny is the situation may be, I can't dock you any points for getting a job how/where the opportunity presents itself. It's a respectable place to work (IMO) and I'm sure the compensation will be pretty good, so I wish you the best of luck. Let me know how it works out. :metal:

    PS - Glad to see you back around a little more and great post in the Christian Militia thread. :wub:
    A little work of mine... I might make a topic on this in the future if I can get a few more articles to add to it.

    Imperium Carta Libertatum
    I'm trying to type a response but the brain ain't workin' today. :lol:

    But I was actually agreeing with you on both counts. It IS exaggerated to the point of dishonesty. And I don't think it's by accident.
    Sure! I listen to AirAmerica Radio (Air America Media) or Nova M (http://www.novamradio.com).

    Understandably, there's a lot of progressive or liberal voices in there but honestly... a few of them are really independent Neil Boortz style-ish speakers. I'm a big Ron Kuby and Thom Hartman fan as far as those stations go... Even as progressives or liberals, they're both registered independents and they take everybody to task, more or less. I think their angle bends them toward giving D's 'the benefit of the doubt' more often then not, but it doesn't keep them from taking them to task pretty good. I don't always agree with them (50/50, actually) but they either make a descent argument or they're entertaining to say the least.
    I was visiting my lovely girlfriend for a couple week, recently, and couldn't find a lot of time to make it to the computer...

    I noticed the P&CE forum has been kinda quiet lately. I've been slowly weaning myself into politics lately, so hopefully I'll have something worthwhile to contribute soon. :D
    I'll take 10 of those in super extra large... preferably from the government mandated, publicly funded socialist sweatshop they're sure to be opening where the Library of Congress once stood.
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