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  • YouTube - ‪ORIGIN - PART 2: Guitars + Bass - ENTITY - In Studio‬‏

    YouTube - ‪Diabolical Masquerade - Death's Design - 4th Movement‬‏

    This album doesn't get old.
    Go check out the thread about butter on bellies. I'm pretty sure it's the best thread ever.

    Not that I just tried rubbing butter on my belly or anything. :suspicious:
    It also sounds amazing and is super light!

    (By the way, all of my best-sounding guitars have been heavy motherfuckers. What is up with the hardcore(edit: deathcore, sorry, got my shit genre terminology wrong) kids talking about how great their new Douglas sounds AND how light it is?)
    I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

    Also, yes. I need tuning machines from Strandberg for a fifteen-string guitar.
    Eh, I'm pretty sure six-to-eight strings' worth of materials for a Strandberg are STILL cheaper than the amount of steel that goes into a Floyd. So it's probably just economies of scale.
    YouTube - ‪Tarot: Undead Indeed 14 Undead Son‬‏

    You know they're not sound-replacing the guitar tracks. :/

    In other news: DAT SUPERSTRAT
    Relative strength of currencies, tolerances to which the things are manufactured, EVERYTHING'S DONE IN SWEDEN...

    Which is why there needs to be an import version.
    After watching the new Tymon video: let's get licenses to manufacture Strandberg bridges and start a business for the sole purpose of satisfying everyone's GAS for headless guitars. :lol:
    :rofl: Damn skippy, broseph! :wub: My sound card is not liking those 64-bit drivers so either I need to record the POD X3 via USB (not sure if I'll still be running into latency issues though :() or I might need to buy a cheap interface. :squint: Either way, I've got guitars, bass AND drums covered now! Need to get recording software running and I'll be all set! I want to do a Thrice cover of All That's Left, I've been jamming them in the car a lot lately and that's a fairly easy track that sounds good when all the layers come together! :D
    What do you get when you put:








    My new home studio drum setup + recording setup! :metal: :flex: I'm going to be done buying stuff for a while now though. :( :lol: zZounds is fucking AWESOME, that's a $1000 e-drum kit and there's some shadeball store online that was selling it for like $758, so zZounds beat their price and gave it to me for $749 shipped and the Superior 3-pack was on sale for $344 TOTAL! :yesway: Having a GREAT day over here! :D
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