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  • I was unable to post pictures (some people wanted some kind of proof), and I can still get pics taken. Without the pics, it seemed like a pointless thread. I'd rather not get a week long ban.... and the have technomancer come along and add a month.
    To whoever closed my thread.... Damn you/them. I'd like to post it again, but with pictures of my face with a black eye. That alright? Or should I tell the rest of the mods?
    I was tempted to grab something like a BKP set or whatever since I'm def keeping the guitar, but the Evo + AN set actually sound REALLY good (the AN especially, the Evo I'm torn on) considering I got the whole set for $75 used. :) I want to get a tube amp that can do high gain and see how it sounds through there... still thinking about the Carvin V3M but I need to see some better vids as most of the ones on youtube sound shrill and fuzzy/overly-gainy so it's hard to tell. :(
    :lol: No worries skillet! :wub: On the plus side, I got the strings installed onto that Ibby with the new pickups, sounds great! DR is sending me another set of the neons to make up for the two instantly broken strings from the first set. :yesway: Glad to see their CS was cool about it, for $11 a pack I do not expect two strings to snap on me while trying to tune to pitch! :lol:
    Randall disables Visitor Messages AND Private Messages.

    I am this close to buying this and tung-oiling it, one humbucker, OFR, cannibalizing hardware from the LTD:

    Showcase Body

    When you're ready to retire that avatar, I humbly request that you swap it over to make it my new avatar, because that shit is HILARIOUS, even moreso than Italian/French/American Mario! :rofl:
    Hells yeah! It's funny, I was looking up that picture and one of the results was Jaleel White being accused of domestic abuse. "Your honor..... DID I DOOOOO THAAAAAAAT?" :rofl:
    I see failshredders pinch harmonic domination and raise you Malignancy. YouTube - ‪Malignancy - Postmortem Perception‬‏
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