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Apr 23, 2006
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Feb 6, 1986 (Age: 34)
The Electric City, NY
Monkey with computers

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Sous Chef, 34, from The Electric City, NY

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Randy Randerson Feb 23, 2019

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    1. Chickenhawk
    2. failshredder
      Exactly what I was thinking. :/

      Speaking of which, if you still want that clusterfailfuck... :P
    3. failshredder
      Coolest fucking thing ever: EverTune | Keep Your Guitar in Tune Forever
    4. HighGain510
      Haha I know right? I didn't disagree! :lol: But yeah I figure this bass is more my speed (and by all accounts, it's actually a REALLY nice bass ESPECIALLY for the price! :wub:) and the Ibby sale was a no-brainer, if it's even close to my RGD2127z I'm going to be a happy camper! Plus Mesh had a DiMarzio Evo + AN set for $75, how could I resist?! Tighten up those mushy lows due to bad pickups, that extended scale is perfect! :D Thinking of going drop C on this puppy.... :idea:
    5. failshredder
      Your avatar. Babes in Toyland?
    6. Bloody_Inferno
      :lol: Dude... what has ry_z done to you? :rofl:
    7. HighGain510
      Well the Dingwall went back, wasn't feeling the 37" scale since I have stubby fingers. :lol: I found a great deal on a used Sterling by MM Ray35 that had been upgraded with a Nordstrand pickup AND an Ibanez RGD2120z since I love my 7 so much and found a store that had one on clearance price finally! :yesway: Going to be all sorts of smexy up in this bitch! :rofl:
    8. Dan
      RANDEH. make me a forum gif please. I would like something silly and fun. That is all :wub:
    9. 13point9
      Im disspointed D'espairsray didn't look like that when I saw them live :lol:
    10. ry_z
      YouTube - ‪D'ESPAIRSRAY REDEEMER PV‬‏ :yesway:
    11. ry_z
      Woo, I managed to smuggle j-rock into your avatar. :lol:
    12. ry_z
    13. Daemoniac
      :metal: Good to hear. Even if it achieves nothing, this is one too far, and an embargo?! Seriously?! They've just destroyed the hobby for everyone in South America where there are NO GW stores...
    14. ry_z
      The Roger thread getting closed for absolutely no reason = :noway:
    15. Daemoniac

      Your signature is needed. GW has just fucked us Aussies up the arse officially now. Maelstrom Games? Not allowed to sell outside the EU. No UK seller is, and in addition to already paying double what you US and the UK guys pay for it anyway, another price increase is coming.
    16. Daemoniac
      40k is officially now out of my reach :(
    17. ry_z
    18. -42-
      I just remember growing up in the glory days of Chad Johnson, before he was Ochocinco. I'm not even a Bengals fan and I concede the man's ability to celebrate, even if he is an attention whore.
    19. Necris

      Words to live by.
    20. failshredder
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    Feb 6, 1986 (Age: 34)
    The Electric City, NY
    Monkey with computers
    Primary Seven:
    N7 Virgin->RG7420
    Main Rig:
    Rivera M-60->Oak 412
    Real Name:
    New World Symphony
    Primary ERG:
    Schecter Omen-8
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    B.C. Rich N7 Virgin; Ibanez RG7420
    Other Guitars:
    Electra Omega LP; Charvel Model 3; Austin LP; Ibanez RT350; Ibanez RG140; Epiphone Telecaster
    Rivera M-60; Boss GX-700; Behringer Virtualizer; Crown XLS 402;
    Effects & Pedals:
    Bodenhamer Chaos Modded TS7; Behringer FCB1010
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Custom Oak 4x12" Cabinet (Oversized specs; G12M-70's)
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Toneport UX1; (Sennheiser e609)x2; Cubase SX3; HALion; EZdrummer+DFH+VintageRock; Guitar Rig 3; Edirol; Behringer HPS3000
    Fire Breathing Madness

    Playing, building, modding,and destroying


    I don't care if it rains or freezes
    Long as I got my plastic Jesus
    Sittin' on the dashboard of my car
    Argbadh - RHLC©
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