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  • So I bought this guitar. There are flaws all over the place. I held onto it for over a month. Now they want ME to pay to ship it to them to fix the flaws? WTF!!! :realmad: :rofl: Seriously, if that dude took a step back and re-read HIS own posts, he would realize how absolutely flawed and silly his question seems, not to mention the fact that some of his claims (he couldn't possibly get another JPXI within a month..?) were outright ridiculous. :lol: Ahhhh kids these days! :noplease: :rofl:
    Thanks man! Yeah it's this color, 2nd from the bottom on the left:

    Going to look baller as hell with that maple?! :yum: Yeah things are looking good, trying to be healthier (still have to fix the diet, been eating a LITTLE better, but still have to get back into cooking more and eating fast food less :lol:).

    What's that you say?


    Oh yes, it will be mine. :D I'm just waiting for one to become AVAILABLE... GAH! Hurry up guys, I want one! :lol:
    :lol: Pretty good man, been hitting that elliptical almost daily (or every other day if I'm really sore the next day) so hopefully by fall I'll be back in shape. :D Things are good though, that RGD7 body should be almost done, I just sent the Ray35 body out to Marty Bell for a Teal Blue Sparkle refin and when it comes back I am taking it to a luthier for a brass nut + setup. :D After that I have the koa Thorn SoCal and my Axe-II and I'll be all set on gear for a long while methinks! :)
    YouTube - ‪Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 2 - Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages‬‏

    I was going to come in here and promise not to post any more attractive guys on your wall, but I'm going to endorse ry's message instead .
    Nice! I have pretty much decided I'm going to keep the hardware on the LTD and build a Warmoth, so if you want a tunerless, pickup-less shell, just let me know. :thumbsup:
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