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  • I 'd describe The Invaders channels as follows :
    1. One of the best three dimensional clean chann. you'll ever hear from a hi gain head, or any other as far as I'm concerned, It's very clear crisp and bell like.
    2 Marshall tones but pissed off and jacked up. It's like a souped up hot moded marshall.
    3 VHT/ Diezel territory , I'm told his is the most Engl like chann.
    4 Is a really great lead/solo chann. I've heard much like a MK IV. Lots of mids though it can be used for rhythm as well as creamy leads. Hope this helps . Cheers my friend. Cliff:hbang:
    Hey man , I have to apologize for not answering sooner. I just noticed your message from Dec.,today ! As far as the type of music you're doing , the Invader can very easily do your style but you may want to consider the Savage as well . I've heard a very good description of both amps on another forum, "the Invader will melt your face off and the Savage will rip it off ". I keep hearing you should stay away from a powerball if you're in a two guitar band unless the other guitarist is using one also. Some say it does'nt cut in the mix .:wavey: Cheers, Cliff
    I'm in the exact same situation! Nobuo is probably my favorite composer and the FF-games are just so awesome. Especially FF6 and FF8 of the ones I have played.
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