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Apr 22, 2013
May 20, 2009
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Oct 31, 1992 (Age: 27)
Amherstburg, Ontario

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edxgxsrfrz, 27, from Amherstburg, Ontario

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Apr 22, 2013
    1. ry_z
    2. ry_z
      Versailles - MASQUERADE PV

      If you haven't seen it yet. ;)
    3. mikernaut
      Hey, yeah to me it feels more natural and having a bigger surface area you can really get your arm going for big brush strokes. The only down side is your arm can get tired since you are holding it up right for long periods of time. But you kinda get used to it.
    4. Bloody_Inferno
      I thought a friends request was long overdue. :lol:

    5. ry_z
      YouTube - Versailles - MASQUERADE

      A snippet of the new video.
    6. ry_z
    7. ry_z
      yay Teru, haha
    8. ry_z
      I take these things very seriously. :lol:
    9. ry_z
      Yeah, I finally decided on one. :p
    10. indrangelion
      I like your avatar :D
    11. ry_z
      Yeah, I could probably use an avatar change myself. I've had this Ryoji Ikeda one for ages now.
    12. ry_z
      Switched from Hizaki to Leda? :P
    13. jamsea
      Hey dude, you going downtown this Friday? We're playing an awesome show at the coach if you're 19+ Login | Facebook
    14. jamsea
      Kim has a strong classical background (in her 4th year for voice at uni) so thats probably why you get that impression. She's trying her best to differentiate herself from the other female singers in metal bands though, we're thinking of retracking the vocals for that song when we're in the studio again because they've gotten a lot more harsher sounding since then.

      We're playing November 26th at the Blind Dog with Hail The Villain. Not sure the details yet, just got the show offer the other day, but i know we're playing first. Come by if you're free, should be a great show Hail the Villain's awesome
    15. jamsea
      Thanks dude! The song we have posted is one of the only 6 string songs we have, the rest are all done on 7's. We're heading back to the studio in about 5 days and recording an EP. Are you in any local bands around amherstburg/windsor?
    16. dbrozz
      Thanks cheif!
      I used an orchestrated strings patch in reason for the synth, I thought it sounded really cool.. And yes the beginning I took out the guitars cause I couldn't mix it well at all and it gets too muddy, but there is a synth line it's just overrun by other stuff. I'm going to leave the intro to slap bass eventually!
    17. dbrozz
      Finally, its done!
      check er out Josh!
      Music page of Dev Brow - MP3 music page on SoundClick
    18. ry_z
      In the picture in my profile here? No, I wish. :P It's Tsunehito, the bassist of the band D.
    19. yasashiku
      By the way your Korean last name would be "Song" apparently lol~
      Very fitting :D
    20. ry_z
      ^_^ I don't know if you're on now or not, but I don't see you :p
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    Oct 31, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Amherstburg, Ontario
    Primary Seven:
    None, Boo-Hoo! I know.
    Real Name:
    My favourite colour is green, and I've taken to making soundtracks insted of "metal" lately.

    My hobbies are music and art
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