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    How do I make my snare sound like this?

    Basically sounds like stock avatar with all that compression, in fact I think that sounds exactly like stock avatar.
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    New build - HENT one piece 7string!

    This build looks amazing. The "flaws" people were worrying about are so minor, the jump to "getting a refund" really surprised me. :lol: This looks amazing, and I'm eager to see it finished!
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    Ibanez LA custom shop - damn its tiny in there

    I know this comment is super old, but that's a Xiphos. ;)
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    The Tesseract Megathread: Sonder Released

    Well it's more like 14 minutes. Only one full song makes it a real tease regardless of actual minutes.
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    Monuments Megathread

    I *reaaaaaaaaally* doubt it would be Neema, considering how the split went down.
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    90s/00s Ibanez 7 Strings (AUS)

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: MIJ Ibanez from the "good old days", S4720s, 7621s, etc. Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Not necessary, but preferred! Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Adelaide, SA, Aus International OK?: Yep,but preferably on cheaper models willing to ship with...
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    Rare Universe poll

    Don't ever question Max on a Universe. :lol:
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    Ibanez S7420FM-Blue flame top - wave inlays

    I sent you a pm over on bmusic dude!
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    Ben Weinman Signature ESP?

    :shrug: At least it has a purpose and meaning. It's better than having a giant Opeth O on a figured top or those Schecter dot crosses (Yes I saw your post about it.)
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    NGD: ET guitars Katana MkII evertune

    This looks so great Josh! I'm sure it'll get some attention on the stage for sure. Probably a better question for Ernie, but does he still do much refinish or neck building work?
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    *Sigh* Why...?

    This is like the exact polar opposite of a DeVries. EXCLUDING QUALITY, of course. That's just about on par.
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    Prydogga's Commisioned Artworks (Friend for a Foe, Visions, etc.) sorta NSFW?

    3 works for sale. On sale at $100 USD each, facebook and youtube web design included. One of various designs I did for the Myriad Records online store opening. This particular shirt was for Slice the Cake. Inlay from "Save your Sorrow" by Origo (Sweden,) a personal favourite of mine.
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    Unpopular opinions

    :lol: Nailed it.
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    Unpopular opinions

    I have a feeling when you get older you'll change your mind on a lot of this. :D