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  • Have you heard the new Dream Theater album? I really like it, it feels like it's going back to their Prog roots. Mangini killed the drums, too.

    If you have, were you as shocked as I was to hear a flutter and warble in Petrucci's solo in "Lost Not Forgotten"?!?!?!!!
    Thanks a lot! I'm whitelisted, but not OP though. Is that the way it's supposed to be? Like, are we a survival server now?
    I am still OP, but I can't seem to whitelist you. :/ I gave you OP, so maybe that will help?
    I'm not sure if I'm OP, still. I haven't been on the server in a while, I'll sign on and see.
    friggin killer man, dem drums YES!!! hahaha, lovin the Ambient stuff dude, and the solo work/lead work!!! Awesome mix of "techy-core" aspects here and there as well! ;)
    Also, the guy holding the heli before it took off is my dad, the guy lighting it is Kai, Mike is holding the camera and my Uncle Dave was piloting it.
    im happy waitin for the final version man, look forward to it!
    Haha yeah... but I find it hard to take criticism from someone who has to use CAPS LOCK to get their point across :lol:
    Nice. Just to let you know, my setup lacks ambient mics so my cymbals might sound a little thin. I'll try to beef things up with some sick reverbing work on a bus channel, but it just aint the real thing. Anyhow, I'll do my best to make it sound wicked. Am I up to mix/produce the drums or do you want to? I'd like to, if you ask me. :)
    Ok, but remember I'll be home @ wednesday. If that's too late, just release it and I do some work afterwards.
    Great, do you mind me composing something on my own or just play it like you've composed? I don't mind either, I just have some nice ideas to improve it from a drummers perspective. Either way I would be following your composition more or less.
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