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  • Thanks. :wub: L&L Hawai'ian Barbecue is where I'm working, now. I'mma be in the kitchen.
    Nice, nice! If I get this job, I'll be cooking in a restaurant. L&L Hawai'ian Barbecue.

    Also, I have been thinking about becoming a mortician. :lol:
    Applied for a job two days after getting to CO, interviewed five minutes later, waiting for them to call me back to see if I got the job, FFaF/EF trolls, letting Brai vent out her frustrations to me, the usual. :lol:

    Congrats on finishing school, btw. Where are you going for Uni? I'm excited for new Memoirs. :wub:
    Sorry that I didn't join you on that server, I had just gone to bed at the time and have still been extremely busy since getting to Colorado Springs.
    Yeah I hear ya man, I know of at least one non-gear whore who had one and I trust his opinion. He said it was truly awful. :rofl: Steer clear sir, no reason to waste all that money! :lol:
    You might want to talk to some folks before you consider trading that Caparison for the S7. I've heard horror stories from previous owners of those guitars, I wouldn't go near them with a 10-foot pole FWIW. :2c: Would hate to see you get stuck with a POS Alex... ever wonder why all the guys raving about them suddenly have them up for sale a few days/weeks after they received them? ;) :lol: Just saying.
    Yeah, but I'll be closer to DCGL! It's fifteen minutes west of Denver, which is about the same distance from here to San Francisco from Colorado Springs, where we're moving to.

    Our mutual female friend is excited, as well. She knows how much I hate it here in Cali, except for living near Mesa and EMG. :lol:
    To be completely honest, I don't think I have the brain power for Minecraft, right now. :lol: Been running myself ragged the past few days, getting things sorted for my family's big move.
    If you haven't seen my FB status, yet, I'm going to write Polynesian Metal. I need to find a seven string electric Uke and tune it way down. :lol:
    D'oh I just saw you had responded! Sorry man! I'd be looking for $1500 + shipping (not sure how much it would cost to your part of Australia, IIRC my Oni was like somewhere between $150-200 :eek:), just let me know if you're interested. Kinda torn on that one as I know I'll probably regret it so I'm still weighing it out but if I have someone who wants it I might let it go, we'll see! :)
    Yeah, I can't wait to see what they come up with next, hopefully next time they allow Mangini to write the drum parts, he did a good job throwing his style on this album, though.

    It has a Scenes from a Memory vibe, to me. I definitely like it more than SC and BC&SL and I like both of those albums. LaBrie's voice is so silky on this album, though.
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