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  • That and my local Guitar Center didn't have any 8s.

    I *did* buy a DiMarzio clip lock strap, though. :D

    I started a new character in Skyrim, today. Now I have my big badass Nord and a big badass High Elf. The latter is going to be a battlemage, instead of an all around kind of guy.
    So, I think I will be getting the AW-7 at some point, once I find me another job (resigned from the restaurant I was working at, wasn't the right fit for me) and get more money.

    Also, sometime soon I'm going to be going to a few tat parlors to see their work in person and see what it would cost for my idea that I've had for ages and have yet to get.

    AND! Have I told you that I'm going to be an uncle in late March to early April? If not, there ya go! :lol:
    You should buy a block of test wood, spray it down with paint and then a clearcoat, then test sanding it down. If it goes well, awesome! If it turns into an epic fail, at least you didn't ruin your guitar on the first test! :rofl:
    So did you start sanding down your Caparison yet? :D If you do, make sure you post it over on their forum and watch them cry! :rofl: They're almost as bad as the Jemsite guys when it comes to that stuff! :lol:
    HEEEEELL yeah! :D I missed the one I had to sell off a while back, going to send it to the same buddy of mine that redid my 2127z in Mystic Dream eventually! Might got for that Loch Ness Green (NEON!) that the dude from Oceano did on his LACS, or perhaps another color-change finish... going to discuss it with my friend and see what he has available and how much things would cost, either way it's going to end up looking AWESOME! :D
    If they hit the wood its not a major problem, just sand them out :lol: Ask about though, you never know who might be interested! Goddamnit i miss my capa :(
    You shouldnt have a problem with it as the finish is so thin on them anyway! If check on the capa forum though, someone might want to trade bodies with you! :D
    It's gone now unfortunately :(, had to sell it to pay some bills, but yeah it was the natural mahogany and it was the nicest 7 string i have ever come across. Felt so nice to play. I will buy another one though! :lol:
    hahaha totally man, were still trying to work out what avatar to go for :lol:

    I'll talk with the guys but yeah man it could most definately be on the cards! :D I'm waiting back on some press photos but that shouldnt be long at all. Then ill send a full press pack off to you!
    OI! Time for me to consult one of my best Aussie buddies!

    After a few more paychecks, I'm thinking on picking up another guitar. Should I make the jump to 8s or look for a 7620 in decent condition? If the former, RGA8 (I'd prefer an 2228, but that wouldn't be possible on my pay for a LOOOONG time) or something from Agile?

    With the 8, I'd be a little more wary, because I have never played one, so I wouldn't want to shell out hard earned money and find out that I don't get on with 8s as much as 7s or 6s.

    What say ye, comrade?
    :rofl: Yeah, I'm a baller, you know how I roll. ;) I make it RAIN on these bitches! :rofl: Speaking of which don't forget to add me on XBL on you main acct, I am starting to get back into the swing of MW so it should be good once you get back online! :D
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